Friday Bullets!

This weather confuses me!  Don’t get me wrong, I love it.  85 degrees in November?  Bring it on!  Is this Global Warming?  A late Indian Summer?  Pete makes fun of me because I am soooo focused on the weather.  I am ridiculous, bordering on obsessive.  I visit weather.com on a daily basis and seriously, the weather affects my day to day mood:  when it is cold & gray, I am unhappy – when it is warm & sunny, I am ecstatic.  Regardless, I’m looking forward to wearing my flip flops ALL WEEKEND LONG.

  • Okay, this really annoyed me: http://tinyurl.com/68enq6 –  isn’t her 5 minutes of fame over?!?!? I really wish she’d go back to her little life in Alaska and stop talking to the media.
  • I received a comment this morning that made me truly happy.  Lately, I’ve been a bit bland with my blog contributions… this comment has inspired me to write more often.  Every now and then I do have thought-provoking and insightful things to say.  In fact, this gal  does a pretty great job in the thought-provoking & insightful department in her own blog
  • Tomorrow, Pete, Barbara and I heading over to Palo Alto to catch the USC vs. Stanford football game.  This should be a great game, since Stanford shocked the world last year by beating USC who were favored to win by over 40 points!  I’ll be rooting for Stanford since I’m a local girl, but Barbara is a USC alum.  Should be fun!
  • On Sunday, I am visiting a great friend who I have not seen in WAY TOO long.  I am embarrassed to admit, my friend had a baby girl over 6 months ago and I still have not met her beautiful baby.  We are meeting at Santana Row, one of my favorite South Bay destinations.

Have a great weekend everyone!


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