Wow. someone in my shoes.

Sometimes you come across a heartfelt story that seems to speak to you and only you.

That’s what happened when I came across this blog entry.

I so relate to this woman’s current state of mind.   Similarly, I made a decision to go “on vacation” from the process called, TTC (trying to conceive).  The biggest reason was an attempt to retain my sanity.  The TTC process is completely INSANE.

Although I am “on vacation” (as my heroine of “An older version of me” is as well), I am also a prisoner of my age.  I can’t NOT go through the process no matter how cavalier I pretend to be.  There are limited monthly cycles left for me.  I just can’t break away from the “process” (peeing on sticks, counting days, spitting on fertility microscopes, testing my cervical fluid) even though I’m trying very hard to be “low key”– it is common knowledge that stress does affect fertility.

Reading her narrative was like getting a breath of fresh air – I’m not alone.  Sometimes that is enough.


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