Friday Bullets!

This has been an emotional week for me.  Quite happy it’s Friday.  Next week is a short week and I’ll get to celebrate my birthday, Thanksgiving Day and a fun trip to LA with Pete, Ayelet and Lucy.

  • Kudos to Pete for getting his revoked Driver’s License reinstated within 1 week.  I did not think it was possible to get the DMV to resolve anything within a week, but he masterfully steered both the NJ DMV and the CA DMV to resolve his problem quickly.  Impressive!
  • I am currently working on a Blog entry about the USC vs. Stanford game last weekend.  I am still processing the experience.
  • This afternoon, I’ll be shutting down my computer early to head to the city to meet up with the fabulous pregnant Anna.  Bless her heart for agreeing to meet me at the wine bar at the ferry plaza, even though the wine bar has nothing much to offer a pregnant lady!
  • Tomorrow night, we’re getting together with great friends for a fun dinner in the city.  I feel so fortunate to have wonderful friends in my life to celebrate my birthday with me.  We’re trying a new Peruvian seafood restaurant, called La Mar.
  • The weather has been so fabulous, it is hard to believe that the Holidays are rapidly approaching.  I’d love to get all of my shopping done early, but that never seems to happen.
  • Oh YES!  My sister, Laura, and her husband, Keith have just closed on their new home in Rancho Cordova — contrats sis!  I’m really looking forward to Christmas up in Sacramento in a month or so.

Have a great weekend everyone!


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