good friends, they mean well

I met up with a friend over the weekend and I realized a couple of things…  #1.  this friend believes I’m unhappy and #2.  this friend feels sorry for me.   It hit me the next day after reflecting on our conversation.  She kept bringing up my infertility situation and seemed to have all the answers with regard to what I should be doing to fix my babyless situation. 

I am going to let it go, because this friend does not have a history of making hurtful remarks and I understand she is only trying to help, but I can’t deny that the conversation annoyed me.

I did speak up about how content I am with life… that I’ve stopped obsessing about having babies, and that I’ve accepted that it may not happen to me.  “I’m happy, I promise!” I don’t feel like my message sunk in. 

I realized this weekend that people project how they feel or what’s going on in their life.  I am sure if she were in my shoes, she would be unhappy and likely would want advice from others.


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