Friday Bullets!

I know, I know, I missed last Friday’s bullets.  That’s ‘cuz it was the day after Thanksgiving and I was in L.A. thinking about the beach instead of my computer. 

I have caught some kind of flu bug.  I woke up this morning feeling groggy. But when Lucy is breathing heavy on my face to get up for “walkie”, I just go for the flow.  Well, “walkie” this morning was cut short and I suffered the entire time.  All I could think about was getting back in bed & sleep.  And I did… very uncharacteristic of me.


  • Our trip to L.A. was a blast.  I’ll try to write a separate entry to share the notable experiences, but the funniest thing for me is how all of the natives kept complaining about how “freezing” it was, as they were decked out in wool coats and ski boots.   Hilarious considering it was 70 degrees!   It kind of made me happy because I thought *I* was a wimp.
  • My boss just hired a new sales rep.  This sales rep used to work for one of our partners, but he got fired when the company was acquired by a by a big ol beast of a software company.  For some reason my boss feels indebted to this guy.  I telling myself that this does not affect me and to focus, but I can’t deny that red flags are waving and I am worried about my own employment status.  My boss does have a history of bringing in new employees that end up replacing older employees.  Another part of me thinks this guy will fall flat on his face.  Guess all I can do is ride it out and do the best that I can to ensure my own job security.
  • I had fun plans scheduled for the weekend.  Poker party at the boss’ house tonight, a tree trimming party at Barbara’s tomorrow night and dinner with the gals at Va De Vi in Walnut Creek on Sunday.  I bailed out on poker and cancelled a hair appointment and I’m waiting to see how I feel tomorrow before I decide what I’m doing the rest of the weekend.  I will be sad if I miss out on all of the fun weekend plans.  The Holiday season is already in full swing!
  • I have gotten myself hooked on Friday Night Lights.  After sleeping as much as I could sleep today, I started watching the first season and I’m a fan.  Similar to Mad Men, Friday Night Lights offers viewers a glimpse into a completely world: the world according to a small town in Texas where life revolves around football.  The show is shot in documentary style which really aids character development.  I may need to go get Season 2 & 3 soon as I’m plowing through these episodes quickly.  Oh, yeah, there is some eye candy as well….  grrrrrrr!
  • The Giants are really pissing me off right now.  They just signed a new Shortstop, Edgar Renteria, to a two year deal.  Apparently he’s a “proven hitter” but I feel like he’s another “over the hill” journeyman who is not going to make a big impact on the team.  Is he really a huge improvement over Omar Vizquel (my boyfriend in another life)?  I don’t understand why Brian Sabean, the General Manager, goes after these old men time and time again.  ALSO, they decided to raise ticket prices by $2/ticket.  HELLO?!?!?  Newsflash!  We are in an economic recession.  That is completely rude, especially given The Giants performance in recent years.  Luckily we are not renewing our Season tickets, so it won’t affect us.

Anyways, have a great weekend everyone.  Hopefully I will be healthy on Monday!


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