Everyone’s an expert

Lately I’ve noticed a trend amongst friends & family who seem to believe they have “all the answers.”   It’s frustrating when they believe they know best… when in reality?  not so much.

I spent quite a bit of time planning a NYE celebration with friends.  Let me tell y’all, dealing with folks in the service industry is quite different from dealing with folks in the corporate world.  They say they will send you an email, they don’t.  They say they’ll call you back, they don’t.  After calling 25 or so restaurants in the city and virtually getting nowhere, I finally found a place where the receptionist provided thorough information and could accommodate our 10+ size group at a reasonable price… the restaurant gets great reviews as well.  All is good until I get feedback from the peanut gallery: “the restaurant is too far away” and “I want to be close to the water.”  Unfortunately you just can’t please everyone.  I decided to let someone else figure out plans, as I just don’t want to deal with the dissatisfaction.

Yesterday, I received an article forwarded to me from a friend.  The article suggested that first time home buyers should get going NOW.  I am sure this friend meant well, but really? does she know what is right for my husband and I right NOW?  Definitely not.  I am sure my annoyance is reactionary based on receiving so much unwarranted advice from family members, but I can’t help how I feel.

Sometimes I wish I could tell people to butt out.  Unfortunately I am too damn nice.  Is there a nice way to tell someone to butt out?


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