S.A.D. it’s real, folks

I have been wondering why I have been in such a funk lately.  Today is the first non-foggy day we’ve experienced in well over a week, here in the East Bay.  Is it a coincidence that I have felt the most normal, happy, positive, etc… than I have felt in a long time?  I have known about SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder) and I do feel it is a real phenomenon.

There have been studies done on people who live in areas that are “sun deficient” in the winter (ie: Norway, Sweden, etc)…  Real conclusions have been derived that those who live in “sun deficient” regions are more inclined to suffer from depression.  We in the S.F. Bay Area are spoiled ’cause we have to deal with cold temps in the low range of 30-50 degrees, depending on where in the Bay Area you reside… which is nothing compared to the temps on the East Coast.

But, regardless of the temperature, I do feel like the phenomenon is real: the less the sunlight = the greater the inclination toward sadness & depression.

Luckily, here in California, those days are numbered.


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