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New beginnings

It’s Friday and it has been another whirlwind week… work is busy and life is flying by at lightning speed.

Last Saturday night  I enjoyed one of those nights that I will look back on fondly as it was a very special evening.  I got together with a group of girlfriends who share a similar way of life, perspective and appreciation for each other.  We went for a nice walk along the trail with Lucy & Pete, then headed off to one of my favorite spots, Va-De-Vi, in Walnut Creek.   We had planned to eat then catch a movie, but we were all having such an enjoyable time, that we ended up staying at the restaurant for 4 + hours!  (the restaurant staff were not too pleased with us, but I don’t feel bad as we indulged with good food, wine & dessert, thus incurring a rather large bill!)  We had a pleasant suprise in that Kathy joined us (pregnant Kathy who was due to give birth on Tuesday… more on that later) and later on Doug  joined as well.  We decided it was their “last Saturday” and it was fun to celebrate with them.  Amazing how calm and relaxed they both were.

We have experienced phenomenally warm & beautiful weather here in California this past week (sorry peeps in the mid-west & east coast, I do see your – zero temps and I do feel bad).  Loving wearing flipflops in January and I enjoyed an impromptu early dinner with Ayelet on the patio at Sideboard on a Monday night.  No heatlamps or jackets!!

Tuesday was the day I had to be tethered to my cell phone in case Doug called to announce the arrival of baby Larkin.  I finally got the call in the early afternoon from Kathy herself!!  She sounded great and I was filled with emotion to hear that the delivery went smoothly and a new 6 1/2 pound bundle of joy had arrived.  They decided to name him Owen Patrick.

Pete, Anna and I went to visit yesterday and all I can say is, “wow!” — it really hit home how much of a life-changing experience having a baby really is.  6 1/2 pounds is a tiny tiny person and this little guy is 100% dependent on his parents.  I have always thought that if I had a baby, I could just keep doing my thing… but I am realizing how wrong I have been!  That being said, Kathy & Doug are naturals.  They are definitely focused on doing things the right way and there is no doubt in my mind that they are going to be amazing parents.  Congrats to Kathy & Doug.  I am a proud “auntie”!!

Pretty excited for Pete’s “holiday party” (in January, yeah yeah, guess they got a good deal at the restaurant) tomorrow night.  Pete has spent the past few weeks honing the cocktail hour playlist, so I know for sure there will be good tunes! 

Sunday is football day… I will be rooting for the Ravens & the Cardinals — always the underdog. 

Lucky for me I get to work on Monday (MLK day) so you may just hear from me again soon…

Happy Weekend everyone!


Happy start to 2009

I must say, I was DREADING this past week.  Sunday night I was beside myself thinking about what might be in store for me the first week of the New Year.  Would I be waiting for the phone to ring, listening to the crickets chirping in the distance?  or would a new year bring new optimism, new projects and new spending?

As a technology salesperson… you just never know what to expect on any given day.

I am pleasantly surprised by the way the first week of the new year turned out.  It does seem like folks are committed to turning a new leaf and flexing their budgetary spending muscles, because I’m seeing lots of new or newly revived projects… projects with purchase timeframes within the next few months [Big sigh of relief]. 

My company is doing well, all things considered – thanks to yours truly… I can’t be modest in this situation !!  : ) – we ended the year profitable and I did earn a nice profit sharing check that goes right into my 401k.  BUT, when all you hear about is doom and gloom re: the economy, layoffs left and right (rumor has it 17% of Microsoft’s workforce will be layed off in the next month — eeks!), one can’t help but be afraid, tentative, skeptical, etc.

Guess we just gotta take things one day at a time and hope for the best.  But, I do feel like this week is a sign that 2009 will be an epic year.

I feel happier than I have felt in a long time.   I am sure it is because of a few slight changes I’ve made in my life.   New Year’s resolutions… blah blah blah.  I’m working to incorporate new and different workouts, sports or exercises into my life.  I’d like to come out of my “comfort zone” and push the limits of my fitness level.  I have gotten into a nice, but somewhat boring routine of walking with Lucy, elliptical machine & light weights.  I don’t ever feel like I hit my cardiovascular threshhold and I definitely don’t challenge myself.  I’m taking a Zumba class tomorrow (hopefully I don’t make too much of a fool out of myself, as I do have two left feet).  I have asked my fun-loving husband to teach me how to hit a softball… poor sucker is in for a major feat as I have zero athleticism when it comes to sports like baseball & softball.  I’d also like to get back into tennis and yoga.  Wii fit is also of interest!! 

Last weekend, Ayelet, Pete and I went to Tommy T’s for comedy (we saw Anjelah Johnson).  It was so much fun and I would like to commit to more pure and simple entertainment events like comedy, listening to live music, concerts… even movies.  I know that when summer arrives, all I ever want to do is be outside in the sun, but I hope to make an effort to participate in different types of  experiences besides watching sporting events (SF Giants!) Life is too short not to experience all that is available to us.

In any case…. if all of the weeks of 2009 can be as great as this week has been, bring it on!

Oh!  Before I sign off… my thoughts are with Kathy who is giving birth to a baby boy next Tuesday.  I can’t tell you how excited I am for the arrival of baby Pavao-Larkin!  I am a pretty good auntie so I can’t wait to meet my new “nephew”.



I am in shock over the realization that my last blog entry was on December 16, 2008!!  Completely unacceptable given it’s now January 1, 2009….  Sorry, peeps.  My NY’s resolution is to be “better” this year. 

Pete thought it would be fun to “prescribe” each other’s NY resolutions.  Bring it on, dude.  He told me my new resolution is to “stop nagging”.  Fine by me, but if that’s MY resolution… I’ve decided HIS resolution is to BE ON TIME, how simple is that???  This really should not be a difficult endeavor from my perspective –  as a prompt, respective human being.   : )

I am SOOO the winner in this situation becuase… I ONLY “nag” the boy when we’re late for x or y or z event (ie: all the time!).   My “nagging” (and trust me, compared to most women, I am SOOO NOT a nag) really should NOT be an issue given he’ll always be on time as long as he fulfills his resolution requirements.   WOW… 2009 should be a pretty drama-free year!  yay!

It’s January 1, 2009 and I must mention that I feel incredibly blessed to have an amazing network of caring, smart, sensitive, inspirational, and FUN friends who help me get through this crazy thing called life.   I truly love my family, but as the saying goes, “fate chooses your relations, you choose your friends”.  Thank you, Jacques Delille (and Google).  I have chosen my friends and I hope they have chosen me back.  I really believe in living a simple way of life & a mantra which is, “treat people like you want to be treated yourself”.  You really can’t get simpler than that.  If more people adopted this rule of thumb, we’d live in a much happier, peaceful world…. there is no doubt in my mind.  I feel so incredibly fortunate to be surrounded by so many amazing, intelligent, empathetic, like-minded people…. it’s worth SO much more than monetary value.

So… what is my New Year’s Resolution you ask?  I want to get back to premium health.  Laziness ensued over the latter part of 2008 and my waistline is the victim.  Need to be careful as my ultimate goal is pregnancy – ie: I should not even be THINKING about the waistline – BUT I recognize that I need to cut down on wine consumption, mindless (bored?) snacking and gourmet meals.  It would definitely serve me well to spend more time at home, eating home cooked meals (crank up the crockpot). 

What I loved most about my NYE celebration is chilling with great friends in a very simple environment ( yeah yeah, it was a suite at The St. Regis, NOT Motel 6 ) BUT, it was more about the connection with each other.   We all genuinely like each other and have a good time processing this volatile world we live in… and finding a way to continue our individual successes during a scary economic landscape.

Happy New Years, everyone!!!   I’m looking forward to new starts – beautiful births – and a healthy state of mind for all!

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