I am in shock over the realization that my last blog entry was on December 16, 2008!!  Completely unacceptable given it’s now January 1, 2009….  Sorry, peeps.  My NY’s resolution is to be “better” this year. 

Pete thought it would be fun to “prescribe” each other’s NY resolutions.  Bring it on, dude.  He told me my new resolution is to “stop nagging”.  Fine by me, but if that’s MY resolution… I’ve decided HIS resolution is to BE ON TIME, how simple is that???  This really should not be a difficult endeavor from my perspective –  as a prompt, respective human being.   : )

I am SOOO the winner in this situation becuase… I ONLY “nag” the boy when we’re late for x or y or z event (ie: all the time!).   My “nagging” (and trust me, compared to most women, I am SOOO NOT a nag) really should NOT be an issue given he’ll always be on time as long as he fulfills his resolution requirements.   WOW… 2009 should be a pretty drama-free year!  yay!

It’s January 1, 2009 and I must mention that I feel incredibly blessed to have an amazing network of caring, smart, sensitive, inspirational, and FUN friends who help me get through this crazy thing called life.   I truly love my family, but as the saying goes, “fate chooses your relations, you choose your friends”.  Thank you, Jacques Delille (and Google).  I have chosen my friends and I hope they have chosen me back.  I really believe in living a simple way of life & a mantra which is, “treat people like you want to be treated yourself”.  You really can’t get simpler than that.  If more people adopted this rule of thumb, we’d live in a much happier, peaceful world…. there is no doubt in my mind.  I feel so incredibly fortunate to be surrounded by so many amazing, intelligent, empathetic, like-minded people…. it’s worth SO much more than monetary value.

So… what is my New Year’s Resolution you ask?  I want to get back to premium health.  Laziness ensued over the latter part of 2008 and my waistline is the victim.  Need to be careful as my ultimate goal is pregnancy – ie: I should not even be THINKING about the waistline – BUT I recognize that I need to cut down on wine consumption, mindless (bored?) snacking and gourmet meals.  It would definitely serve me well to spend more time at home, eating home cooked meals (crank up the crockpot). 

What I loved most about my NYE celebration is chilling with great friends in a very simple environment ( yeah yeah, it was a suite at The St. Regis, NOT Motel 6 ) BUT, it was more about the connection with each other.   We all genuinely like each other and have a good time processing this volatile world we live in… and finding a way to continue our individual successes during a scary economic landscape.

Happy New Years, everyone!!!   I’m looking forward to new starts – beautiful births – and a healthy state of mind for all!


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