New beginnings

It’s Friday and it has been another whirlwind week… work is busy and life is flying by at lightning speed.

Last Saturday night  I enjoyed one of those nights that I will look back on fondly as it was a very special evening.  I got together with a group of girlfriends who share a similar way of life, perspective and appreciation for each other.  We went for a nice walk along the trail with Lucy & Pete, then headed off to one of my favorite spots, Va-De-Vi, in Walnut Creek.   We had planned to eat then catch a movie, but we were all having such an enjoyable time, that we ended up staying at the restaurant for 4 + hours!  (the restaurant staff were not too pleased with us, but I don’t feel bad as we indulged with good food, wine & dessert, thus incurring a rather large bill!)  We had a pleasant suprise in that Kathy joined us (pregnant Kathy who was due to give birth on Tuesday… more on that later) and later on Doug  joined as well.  We decided it was their “last Saturday” and it was fun to celebrate with them.  Amazing how calm and relaxed they both were.

We have experienced phenomenally warm & beautiful weather here in California this past week (sorry peeps in the mid-west & east coast, I do see your – zero temps and I do feel bad).  Loving wearing flipflops in January and I enjoyed an impromptu early dinner with Ayelet on the patio at Sideboard on a Monday night.  No heatlamps or jackets!!

Tuesday was the day I had to be tethered to my cell phone in case Doug called to announce the arrival of baby Larkin.  I finally got the call in the early afternoon from Kathy herself!!  She sounded great and I was filled with emotion to hear that the delivery went smoothly and a new 6 1/2 pound bundle of joy had arrived.  They decided to name him Owen Patrick.

Pete, Anna and I went to visit yesterday and all I can say is, “wow!” — it really hit home how much of a life-changing experience having a baby really is.  6 1/2 pounds is a tiny tiny person and this little guy is 100% dependent on his parents.  I have always thought that if I had a baby, I could just keep doing my thing… but I am realizing how wrong I have been!  That being said, Kathy & Doug are naturals.  They are definitely focused on doing things the right way and there is no doubt in my mind that they are going to be amazing parents.  Congrats to Kathy & Doug.  I am a proud “auntie”!!

Pretty excited for Pete’s “holiday party” (in January, yeah yeah, guess they got a good deal at the restaurant) tomorrow night.  Pete has spent the past few weeks honing the cocktail hour playlist, so I know for sure there will be good tunes! 

Sunday is football day… I will be rooting for the Ravens & the Cardinals — always the underdog. 

Lucky for me I get to work on Monday (MLK day) so you may just hear from me again soon…

Happy Weekend everyone!


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