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The return of an old friend

Earlier this week, I listened to an interview with one of my favorite Giants baseball announcers, Jon Miller.  He said something that really hit home and perfectly described how I feel about my favorite pastime: Baseball (specifically GIANTS baseball!)

He said, “baseball is such good company”.  He went on to talk about how all of the activities related to baseball, whether it is listening on the radio, watching the game on TV, talking about the game, or rehashing the previous day’s game is such a vacation from the “real scratches of life”.

I truly do feel like when the season ends in September (or October if you root for a good team), I am saying goodbye to a good friend.

Then, in the spring, when the days start to get longer and the flowers start to bloom, I find myself giddy with excitement for the start of a brand new season.  Once the season begins, I truly feel like I’m welcoming the return of a great old friend.

Spring training has just begun in Arizona.  Most of the baseball teams head to Arizona to play practice games with other teams before the official start of the season.  I am lucky to have had the opportunity in previous years to visit Arizona to catch a couple of Giants Spring Training games.  Sadly, this year, I am cutting back, so no trip to sunny Scottsdale, Arizona.  But you know, I’m tuned into the radio listening to each pitch, hit, homerun and strikeout.

Watch this space for stories, discussions, rants, raves, fanatical outcries, etc as the season progresses.  Like a good friend, and most relationships, there are sure to be ups and downs.


25 things about me.

I have become obsessed with FaceBook.  I can’t stay away.  It’s as addictive [I imagine] as crack cocaine.  One of my favorite things to do these days is to find new FaceBook “questionnaires” to answer and post on my profile.  Since I don’t have much to contribute today, I thought I’d post “25 things about me”, a recent contribution on FaceBook:

1. I am a multi-tasker and tend to be happiest when I’m juggling multiple projects/tasks at work.

2. I entered college as a Computer Science major (doh!)

3. I wanted to be an archaeologist as a kid.

4. I visited Germany and Austria in High School as part of the California Youth Symphony (I played violin) and we got to perform in the most beautiful concert halls.

5. I have never lived outside of California.

6. I managed a newspaper route when I was 12 years old.

7. I lived in the Tenderloin district for 1 ½ years when I first moved to S.F. (yikes!)

8. I sucked at P.E. as a kid, always last to be selected for team sports.

9. I completed an IronMan triathlon in 2004.

10. I broke my left leg the same summer that my future husband broke his left leg

11. I love butter rum lifesavers, and eat way too many of them on a regular basis.

12. I traveled to New Zealand with my dad when I was 5 years old.

13. I swam on swim teams during much of my childhood.

14. I learned to play piano at 4 years old, but quickly forgot how to play when I took up violin at 10 years old.

15. I currently work from home and often do not shower until late in the afternoon (gross, I know!)

16. As a kid, my sister and I would often go body surfing in the ocean at Santa Cruz wearing only our swim suits.

17. I hit the trail with my dog, Lucy, each weekday morning by 5am….by 7am on weekends.

18. My worst job was working as a pants presser at a dry cleaner’s one summer in college.

19. I am very selfish with my time and require lots of alone time… although I am also an extrovert and love making plans with friends.

20. My husband and I are pretty much exact opposites in personality, but it works.

21. My family and I once got stuck on a ferry when seeing off relatives in Japan.

22. The first concert I ever attended was Depeche Mode in the 80’s.

23. At a point in my life, I weighed over 200 pounds. I now weigh 125 or so.

24. I won the spelling bee every year in Elementary School except for the year Felicia Chew won when I misspelled “carload” – you were my nemesis that year, Felicia : )

25. I love salsa so much that I eat it right out of the jar.



So…. it’ pretty common knowledge that I’m “trying” (38 year old, married… duh) and after years of this crap, I may be a bit sensitive about the subject.  But seriously, I am not dumb enough to know that I am NOT being overly sensitive when it comes to what happened to me recently as described below.

A bit of background….

A couple of weeks ago, I thought that I was pregnant (I FELT pregnant, my period was late, my boobies were sore, nausea, headaches, etc, etc).   I took a couple of tests — negative!  BUT, my acupuncturist (LOVE HER) had really helped me to be “regular” so I was a believer, based on the symptoms…

… yet, 10 days late, the lovely “auntie flow” (A.F. is the acronym used in many infertility message boards) reared her ugly head and showed up much to my dismay — OF COURSE, exactly one DAY after I attended the “Make a Wish Foundation’s Wine & Wishes event”, where I declined numerous glasses of fabulous wine “just in case” — grrrrrr! <sigh>…such is my life, a la the comic strip, “Born Loser”.

I had a regularly scheduled Gyno appointment the next day: Monday.  It all went well, since my flow was pretty light at that point.  However, my “oh so lovely” gyno proceeded to lecture me about how “I ain’t getting any younger” — thanks, bitch!

I requested hormone tests (not suggested by my gyno, but she agreed once I asked), since last year I was diagnosed with low Estrogen… wondered if Acupuncture could have improved my situation?

Cut to Thursday afternoon…

I call my Gyno’s office (hello? I have not heard from them… I was told I would have the results within 24 hours).  The receptionist tells me that there is a note on my lab test that “everything is normal” — hurrah!  (totally psyched, of course).  So, then I call back thinking I could request Clomid (hey, maybe it will work this time since low Estrogen is no longer a factor right?)  — the Fucking nurse practitioner calls me back and proceeds to bring me to tears:

Nurse Practitioner (when asked if I could try Clomid again): “NO…. (condescending voice) your Estrogen levels are low and your FSH levels are a bit high” — “WHY do you think you should try Clomid?”…

Me: “Well, the receptionist told me that my tests were normal AND THAT’S WHY I thought I’d try Clomid again” — (fuck, you’d think I was trying to pull a fast one over here).

Nurse Practitioner: “You should talk to a doctor about your lab results NOT the receptionist”

Okay fucking bitch, if a doctor would have called me I would have spoken to the DOCTOR.

Then she goes on to say that the Reproductive Science people recommended injections and “don’t I think they know what’s best???”  I’m sorry, but what a bitch!  Also, what if I HADN’T called back to request Clomid??? I would have just proceeded thinking my hormones were at a normal state… this is completely irresponsible and unacceptable… especially given my advanced age.  Time is OF THE ESSENCE.

Needless to say, I’m looking for a new Gynecologist… any recommendations in the SF East Bay Area??



I am not a patient person.  It is one of the things I love and hate about myself.  I love that I make decisions quickly but I hate when I jump to conclusions and end up dead wrong.

I’m currently in a weird state of being, a sort of limbo state.   I am waiting for some answers but I am helpless to do much of anything but wait.  I am the type of person who needs to know her fate. I need answers NOW, if not yesterday.  I don’t do well when I have to wait even an hour… in this case, I’ll likely have to wait a week or weeks even.

So I spend my days searching the Internet for clues… anything that can help me pinpoint what the answer inevitably will be.  This exercise only serves to make me crazier with anxiousness.  Ah, if only someone would whisk me away to Maui…  I am pretty sure my angst would disappear the moment I stepped foot on that beautiful island.

I hope that with this post I haven’t driven you, my loyal reader, to a level of wonder and anticipation… that certainly was not my intention.  I promise to fill you all in as soon as I have answers.


Beware: this post is not for the faint of heart

My parents have been dealing with a seriously crappy situation.  When I say crappy, I mean it in the literal sense unfortunately…

Please read this letter I helped them write.  We will be sending this to the local media, complaint sites, the FTC, Small Claims Court, and pretty much anyone who will listen.  Please feel free to spread the word.

To whom it may concern:

We would greatly appreciate your assistance in obtaining remediation from Roto-Rooter Corporation. Please take the time to review the timeline of events that occurred.

As a quick summary, we contacted Roto-Rooter (Burlingame location) to fix a clogged toilet.  Should be a simple service call, right?  Roto-Rooter “fixed” the problem at hand, but ruined a pipe (MAIN sewer line) which caused leakage and not to mention a truly unpleasant situation for quite a few days.  We had to pay a cleaning specialist over $2,000 to clear out the sewage.

We have made multiple efforts to obtain reimbursement of the $2,076.70 cleaning charge from Roto-Rooter Corporate, however Roto-Rooter has been uncooperative and only willing to split the cost of the damages incurred by their employees.

Roto-Rooter Time line summary:

Thursday, December 11, 2008

A service technician from  Roto-Rooter Services Company -1830 Bayshore Highway, Burlingame, California, 94010, 650-642-6128- arrived about 8:40am to clean the downstairs toilet clog.  After examination, another technician was called.  The Toilet was removed and they had to use a machine.  They needed to make quite a bit of adjustment to the “cutter” end of the cleaning device.  Eventually the water was flowing freely.  We later realized that the water was flowing freely because the main drain pipe in the crawl space was broken by their tool.  Roto-Rooter billed me $497.41 and noted on the bill that this was only guaranteed for 30 days “because it was hard to go thru.”  I can’t help but wonder if this short guarantee was intended to expire before we noticed the broken sewer line.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

The Home Preservation Service Representative came around 1:00pm for their quarterly winter checkup.  They noticed a bad smell coming from the crawl space.  After investigation, they discovered that the main house sewer line was broken and the sewage was just being dumped in the crawl space.  We immediately called Roto-Rooter to repair the break they had carelessly created the week before.  Cesar Palacios from the Roto-Rooter Services Company -1830 Bayshore Highway, Burlingame, California, 94010, 650-642-6128 – came at around 3:00pm and looked at the break.  He said Roto-Rooter could fix it, but only after the sewage had been cleaned up and disinfected.  He recommended  “Water Damage Experts” to do the cleanup.  We immediately called the “Water Damage Experts,” and they said they couldn’t come before the next morning and told us not to use water or toilet. We considered a hotel for the night.  We are only lucky the Home Preservation’s quarterly check-up occurred just week after Roto Rooter made their mess… if it had been weeks or months, our house would have been permanently damaged.

Friday, December 19, 2008

The “Water Damage Experts” came and removed the sewage, fumigated the crawl space and added biocide and active earth to cover the infected space. The “Water Damage Experts” asked us to pay $2,076.70 up front.  When they were finished they called Cesar Palacios at Roto-Rooter who came and repaired the broken drain pipe at no charge.

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

We sent a letter with the “Water Damage Experts” bill to Pat Swanson at headquarter (Cincinnati, Ohio) of Roto-Rooter asking the reimbursement.  Pat is listed as the person to direct “service issues” inquiries.

Friday, January, 23, 2009

At about 9:10am Jean Martinez from Roto-Rooter’s Sunnyvale Office – 183 Commercial Street, Sunnyvale, California, 408- 739 1648 – called.  He claimed that the fine print on their contract absolved them of any responsibility for damages and they would not pay for the cleanup.  I told him this was unacceptable since it was their carelessness that caused the damage and their advertisements claimed that they were “licensed and insured.”  Additionally their advertisements claim “No Hassle Guarantees.” As a result I was not going to accept their decision not to take responsibility.  He said that he would talk to his manager and get back to me by Monday, January 26, 2009.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Cory Severson – Roto-Rooter Bay Area representative, 183 Commercial Street, Sunnyvale, CA 94086,, Tel: 650-259-7650 – called back to say they are only willing to pay 1/2 of the cleaning expense.  We told him that’s unacceptable, given we trusted Roto-rooter to solve the problem WITHOUT causing damages.  The damages should be paid by the service provider.

We would greatly appreciate your assistance in remedying this situation.  It is completely irresponsible and unethical for this business to refuse payment of damages incurred by their employees.  We feel it is important that this matter is brought to justice.  Roto-Rooter needs to place greater focus on properly training their employees so that situations like this do not occur in the future.   We feel that unless this situation is not brought to the public’s attention, other innocent consumers will experience a similar nightmare as we have endured.

Kind Regards,

WARNING: if you are prone to nausea, I suggest you stop here (see pictures below)




Apparently I have a blog…

… you wouldn’t know it based on the amount of activity on this site in the past month or so.  Shame on me!  What happened to New Year’s Resolutions and such?

I have a few things on my mind these days, so bear with me…  I will be making some contributions soon.

Btw, HOW is if February if I’m wearing my flip-flops and basking in 70 degree sun?  I’ll take it, but can’t help but think how rough this summer will be in our third year of drought conditions.

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