So…. it’ pretty common knowledge that I’m “trying” (38 year old, married… duh) and after years of this crap, I may be a bit sensitive about the subject.  But seriously, I am not dumb enough to know that I am NOT being overly sensitive when it comes to what happened to me recently as described below.

A bit of background….

A couple of weeks ago, I thought that I was pregnant (I FELT pregnant, my period was late, my boobies were sore, nausea, headaches, etc, etc).   I took a couple of tests — negative!  BUT, my acupuncturist (LOVE HER) had really helped me to be “regular” so I was a believer, based on the symptoms…

… yet, 10 days late, the lovely “auntie flow” (A.F. is the acronym used in many infertility message boards) reared her ugly head and showed up much to my dismay — OF COURSE, exactly one DAY after I attended the “Make a Wish Foundation’s Wine & Wishes event”, where I declined numerous glasses of fabulous wine “just in case” — grrrrrr! <sigh>…such is my life, a la the comic strip, “Born Loser”.

I had a regularly scheduled Gyno appointment the next day: Monday.  It all went well, since my flow was pretty light at that point.  However, my “oh so lovely” gyno proceeded to lecture me about how “I ain’t getting any younger” — thanks, bitch!

I requested hormone tests (not suggested by my gyno, but she agreed once I asked), since last year I was diagnosed with low Estrogen… wondered if Acupuncture could have improved my situation?

Cut to Thursday afternoon…

I call my Gyno’s office (hello? I have not heard from them… I was told I would have the results within 24 hours).  The receptionist tells me that there is a note on my lab test that “everything is normal” — hurrah!  (totally psyched, of course).  So, then I call back thinking I could request Clomid (hey, maybe it will work this time since low Estrogen is no longer a factor right?)  — the Fucking nurse practitioner calls me back and proceeds to bring me to tears:

Nurse Practitioner (when asked if I could try Clomid again): “NO…. (condescending voice) your Estrogen levels are low and your FSH levels are a bit high” — “WHY do you think you should try Clomid?”…

Me: “Well, the receptionist told me that my tests were normal AND THAT’S WHY I thought I’d try Clomid again” — (fuck, you’d think I was trying to pull a fast one over here).

Nurse Practitioner: “You should talk to a doctor about your lab results NOT the receptionist”

Okay fucking bitch, if a doctor would have called me I would have spoken to the DOCTOR.

Then she goes on to say that the Reproductive Science people recommended injections and “don’t I think they know what’s best???”  I’m sorry, but what a bitch!  Also, what if I HADN’T called back to request Clomid??? I would have just proceeded thinking my hormones were at a normal state… this is completely irresponsible and unacceptable… especially given my advanced age.  Time is OF THE ESSENCE.

Needless to say, I’m looking for a new Gynecologist… any recommendations in the SF East Bay Area??


4 Responses to “Jerks”

  1. 1 pj
    February 17, 2009 at 2:07 am

    How frustrating! Clearly there was a screw up in the practice and your file got overlooked or something.

    My assvice to you would be to be pretty aggressive about getting treatment. Often times, it’s the squeeky wheel (or something like that). I’d get a referral to an R.E. ASAP.

    I don’t have low estrogen or high FSH, but Clomid did nothing for me. I don’t consider Clomid to be aggressive, at least in my case. But apparently I don’t react to the meds like most people do.

    My IUI cycles with injectable FSH probably ran me between $500 and $700 each. I think the drugs were around $200 – $300 of that. Still, if you could get pregnant with that route, it is cheap in retrospect, after having done IVF.

    • February 17, 2009 at 2:11 am

      thanks so much… they quoted me $3k + for the injectables + IUI. I am currently investigating how much my insurance will cover and will go from there… It just makes me sick how insensitive some of these “so called professionals” can be…

  2. 3 Corby
    February 18, 2009 at 11:00 pm

    I’m sorry about all the jerks. They really should know better — especially the receptionist, as she should not be giving out any sort of medical information at all. This is a definite sign to change Gyn offices, though, and find one that (1) has some decent bedside manner from the MD down to the person that answers the phones, and (2) listens to your concerns and factors them in when deciding what course is best for your situation. You certainly don’t want to be stuck going to them during a pregnancy, since you end up seeing them all the damn time and continuity of care becomes really important so you can’t switch…

    I enjoyed going to my OB/Gyn in SF, Julie Huh at Pacific Obstetrics and Gynecology (in the Fillmore area), although the receptionists weren’t necessarily the most polite there either (at least their abruptness precluded giving out medical info). She was really good with my fairly complicated pregnancy and she asked enough of the right questions at the first visit for me to think she’d be reasonable about fertility issues and choices. She also worked with me and my concerns about having to undergo an early C-section, and we ended up “compromising” on the date rather than just her telling me when I had to do it. I haven’t been quite as impressed with the Fremont center Palo Alto Medical Foundation OB/GYN department this time around… Hang in there!

  3. 4 Victoria aka your fan/friend
    February 20, 2009 at 5:38 am

    Sheila, I highly recommend http://parents.berkeley.edu/recommend/medical/ObGyn/ebfertility.html – Dr. Arzou Ashan – East Bay Fertility she is my specialist twice she even delivered mr. ansel even though she’s not my regular OB for me – she’s fantastic and is a miracle worker – none of the emotions you are going through is new – totally completely sane person will be driven crazy over the lack of sympathy these nurses displays, they were pissing me off too – i don’t remember how many times I cried over their lack of response and it took me what seems years to receive clomid – actually a year and half wasted time to be exact, what is wrong with these people? But you just keep on pushing pushing and pushing. The thing about this clinic is that they are usually completely booked in what seems years in advance, which is why after I successfully conceived I switched to another OB because they seemed to be never available, but nonetheless, they are well known and is an all women clinic and really good at getting older women pregnant. The thing is that I got a lot of push backs from nurses too, once you get Ashan’s attention, you are good to go, but the practice in 2006 / 2005 were new and poorly run but the doctors there are very liberal and very good once you get on their calendar and they have a way to squeeze you in if you need to do a procedure (artificial insemination) since the sperm guys are just above the floor. I cannot say good enough things about Dr. Arzou Ashan but you need to see her, she’s also a superb surgeon and if you end up with C-section in Alta Bates, she’s the one you want. We scheduled around her schedule, this is a very competent and very respected surgeon. She’s a friend of a friend, recommended by another OB friend of the family, and even then it seems that it’ll take forever to get it scheduled, but once you are in that clinic, you are almost certain to get pregnant, seriously, they will take care of you, however, don’t expect sympathetic nurse ears, you just keep on pushing and get them to give you clomid. It’s in Berkeley, and they specialize in fertility and are used to much older women trying to get pregnant (thus the liberal part of giving you the right drugs). Good luck and hang in there, you will succeed. I am rooting for you!

    Re: OB/GYN for VBAC in East Bay area
    Check out East Bay Fertility OB/GYN Medical Group on Regent St. in Berkeley. 510-843-7722.

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