The return of an old friend

Earlier this week, I listened to an interview with one of my favorite Giants baseball announcers, Jon Miller.  He said something that really hit home and perfectly described how I feel about my favorite pastime: Baseball (specifically GIANTS baseball!)

He said, “baseball is such good company”.  He went on to talk about how all of the activities related to baseball, whether it is listening on the radio, watching the game on TV, talking about the game, or rehashing the previous day’s game is such a vacation from the “real scratches of life”.

I truly do feel like when the season ends in September (or October if you root for a good team), I am saying goodbye to a good friend.

Then, in the spring, when the days start to get longer and the flowers start to bloom, I find myself giddy with excitement for the start of a brand new season.  Once the season begins, I truly feel like I’m welcoming the return of a great old friend.

Spring training has just begun in Arizona.  Most of the baseball teams head to Arizona to play practice games with other teams before the official start of the season.  I am lucky to have had the opportunity in previous years to visit Arizona to catch a couple of Giants Spring Training games.  Sadly, this year, I am cutting back, so no trip to sunny Scottsdale, Arizona.  But you know, I’m tuned into the radio listening to each pitch, hit, homerun and strikeout.

Watch this space for stories, discussions, rants, raves, fanatical outcries, etc as the season progresses.  Like a good friend, and most relationships, there are sure to be ups and downs.


1 Response to “The return of an old friend”

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