Need to make this quick as we’re leaving in less than 2 hours to drop Lucy off at Auntie Ayelet’s house then head to the airport for a red-eye flight to New Jersey.  BTW, how lucky are WE that the 10 inches of snow that fell in N.J. last Sunday has melted and it is projected to be a balmy 65 degrees over the weekend, phew!

So, really, who goes to New Jersey in March?!?!, you are probably wondering.  We’re visiting Pete’s family to celebrate his mother, Madeleine’s 80th birthday.  We normally select nicer times of the year to visit his family, but this certainly qualifies as a special occasion.  A fun filled weekend has been planned by Pete’s family and I know that a good time will be had by all.  First stop: Atlantic City.  Pretty much everyone in Pete’s family loves to gamble so a visit to the casinos is pretty much a requirement anytime we all get together.  I have to say, my most memorable experiences with the family are at one Roulette table or another gambling the night away and having the time of our lives.  When all of us are together, we seem to generate a certain energy that quite often results in winning streaks for all.

The real celebration will occur on Sunday when all of the relatives will get together to celebrate the big day.  Seriously, I will be thrilled if I live to at least 80 years old.  Chances are we will play games to honor Madeleine, as she is the most competitive and skilled player around.  I do not share that skill, so I can only look on in awe.  I really admire how the family bonds during these game sessions.

The sad part for me will be missing my “baby” Lucy — yes, she is like a baby to me, even though she is a crazy 3 year old Boston Terrier dog.  Lucy is a bonafide member of the family and life is just not the same when she isn’t around.  As I spent this afternoon packing my suitcase, Lucy looked on with apprehension.  She definitely senses that “something’s up” and like a hawk, she’s been monitoring my every move.  At one point, as I struggled with my suitcase to get it zipped up, she started to shake (her trademark “I don’t feel comfortable with what’s going on” move).  Breaks my heart.  How we got such a sensitive dog, who knows?  But this dog is so in tune with our every move, that as soon as something is non-routine, she gets bent out of shape.  I am hoping that she has so much fun with her favorite Auntie that she forgets all about us.  We certainly won’t forget her.

P.S. Watch this space.  I will have a contest very soon for some lucky winner to win a pair of tickets to see the movie Beer Wars, screening one day only on April 16….  read more online, http://beerwarsmovie.com/

More to come…


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