Girls will be girls

Lately I have been taking an exercise class that I’ve grown to love to hate.  The Dailey Method is a full body “core” exercise class that combines techniques from yoga, pilates and the exercises that ballerinas perform at the barre.  The concept is that, during the 1 hour class, we alternate controlled, challenging movements with deep stretching in order to maximize the elongating the muscles, which supposedly translates to a leaner body (not there yet).  We work our arms, thighs, butt & abs.  But each focused exercise works the core overall.  Needless to say, it’s brutal.  I’ve gotten close to tears, as my legs shake uncontrollably during thigh sessions.  But I am stubborn and determined to conquer this challenge… so 5 or 6 days a week, I go back for more torture.  I must say, it has gotten easier and I’ve noticed that I have greater flexibility.

Actually, that wasn’t really the point of this blog entry, but I’m glad I put down in words about my newest “hobby”.  What I wanted to talk about is Girls and the commonalities we share.

I made a “sorta friend” at The Dailey Method.  If you go regularly, you will start to see the same women (and yes, they are all women.  I have only seen one man in the three weeks I have been going!)  One gal, Brooke, tends to go to the 4:30pm class I have been attending.  After seeing each other a couple of times, we exchanged Hi’s.  One day, we were both early to class and while waiting for the previous class to get out, we introduced ourselves and had a somewhat awkward, “where do you live?, what do you do?, etc” conversation.  When class started, we scurried to our places and didn’t say another word to each other.

Yesterday in class, Brooke came up to me with a very excited look on her face.  She lowered her voice and said, “hey, have you ever taken a class with Chelsea May?”

Turns out there was some gossip circulating amongst the students that Chelsea May had been fired.  I had just been to a class with Chelsea May the day before so that made things a bit juicier.  We speculated on what might have gone down, who would replace her, etc, etc.

In that moment, Brooke and I could have been best friends gossiping about another acquaintance. We truly bonded and, I felt, escalated our relationship to a  “sorta friend” status.  Is gossiping  just one of those activities that all girls live for?

I found the experience to be an interesting study of human behavior.  Who knows, maybe one day Brooke and I will go have drinks after class or is that crazy talk?


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