This story makes my blood boil

I love the town where I live (Alamo, CA).  It’s a peaceful, picturesque, charming town… of course it is also one of the most affluent areas in the East Bay Area [we rent our house].  I could totally imagine raising well-adjusted, happy children in this area.  Generally speaking, Alamo residents are friendly, smart, progressive and successful (duh!)

So no one was more shocked than me when I heard the following story which occurred at a park less than 1/2 mile from my house.

One of Lucy’s favorite pups on the trail is a gorgeous chestnut colored pit bull named Rocky.  We see Rocky and his mom running the trail pretty much every morning.  Rocky’s mom & I let the pups off leash and while they chase each other around and around, we get a chance to catch up for a bit.

Rocky’s mom (shameful that I don’t know her name, but I will refer to her as RM going forward) is a petite, stunningly beautiful, dark-skinned Brazilian gal.

We ran into the duo this past Saturday and, as usual, stopped to chit-chat.  RM seemed pretty distressed, but I’m not one to pry.  Finally she unloads this story that left me completely shocked.

Apparently RM took her 9 year old son and two 7 week old pit bulls who she was babysitting to the Hap Magee park in Alamo recently.

They were tooling around the park, baby pit bulls on leash.  RM’s son ran off as 9 year old boys do.  So RM got a bit distracted and in the confusion, the puppies got loose… as puppies do.

Well….  a group of 15 people were picnicking/bbqing at the park and where do you think the baby pit bulls went?  … you got it… straight to the yummy smelling BBQ beef.

Turns out baby pit bulls found the 15 assholes that live in Alamo.

RM ran immediately over to the scene of the crime, apologizing, trying to grab the babies who are at this point chewing on tasty prime rib (LOL, sounds like the scene from a Will Farrell comedy, huh?)  Here is where reasonable people would realize that this poor woman was trying her best to grab  hold of her puppies and avoid a major conflict.  But NO.  Instead, privileged, affluent, entitled white person mentality kicked in and the group decided to make RM’s life even more miserable.

The leader of the crew, a 6’5″ white dude decided that the situation called for him to start kicking the <10 pound pups and he started screaming at RM to “go back to the ghetto”.  OMFG (just breathe).  The others in the group decided to call 9-1-1.  (REALLY? pathetic is the word that comes to mind).

Cut to the Danville police (they probably have nothing better to do) who rush to the group asking, “where’s the pitbull?”  No doubt expecting to see some 60+ pound beast in the vicinity.  Clearly our fine diners had no sense of embarrrassment when RM displayed the “vicious pitbulls in question”… weighing all of 10 pounds apiece.

Needless to say, the Danville police told RM to go home and relax. RM, bless her heart, told the police that she wanted to press charges for animal cruelty.  Apparently the police told her, “it just isn’t worth it”.  So she went home.

I am stunned.  There are so many things I could rant about: the baby pitbulls, the 9 year old son who has to experience racial discrimination for the first time, etc, etc.  simply SICK.

The reality is if said picnickers had been reasonable people, RM would have gone to the store to purchase them a boat load of meat to replace whatever meat the babies had eaten, done whatever was needed to remedy the situation.  Instead, they chose to be jackasses and flaunt their ugly, entitled selves…  in the process tainting the beautiful community which is Alamo, CA.


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