I could get used to this

Most of you know that my 14 year old nephew, Austin, stayed with us for a week.  He just left with his parents after a fun week with “parental rules clueless” Uncle Pete and Auntie Sheila.  Suddenly the silence is deafening.

A week with the kid, who definitely tried my patience (but I’m impatient and virtually EVERYONE tries my patience sooner or later)… and I’m sadly remorse that he is no longer around to a) take out the trash, b) inform me of the ways to cheat at Wii or c) respond “I don’t know” when I ask him what he wants to eat for dinner.

I could definitely see the challenge in this situation on a day to day, month to month, year to year situation… but dammit I miss that little booger and he left just an hour ago.

I guess all I can say is hopefully one day, Pete and I will also breed and create an offspring as cool/smart/talented/funny/sweet as my nephew Austin.    Kid, don’t let it go to your head!


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