Concocting creative, healthy meals…

… definitely a challenge at times.  I have always been the type who goes through “meal stages”.  I’ll be on a sandwich kick and will eat the same sandwich everyday for weeks until I get positively sick of it.  Or it will be quesadillas, or salad or baked potato w/ fixings.  It’s strange behavior I know… but I do it partly to make life easier on myself: I don’t have to think too much about what to eat!  After all, I’m lazy by nature.

These days, of course, it’s important for me to eat a more varied, complete diet so I’ve found myself having to really think about what to prepare for my meals.  Breakfast is easy: I’ll usually have cereal or oatmeal with O.J.  Considering the folic acid factor, I think I’m okay there.

For a while, I was making myself a giant salad with avocado, meat (chicken or steak), olives, and other veggies.  But now the thought of eating that kind of makes me nauseous.


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