I sooo wish I were making this up

Here’s the latest post from the BabyCenter.com September 2010 Birth Club… I should write a book!

So a womens clinic will give ultrasounds? I am driving myself CRAZY thinking something is wrong because I am having absolutely NO symptoms, and I can’t go to the dr until medicaid gets approved and I can’t mail the app in until tomorrow when DH gets his proof of income from his grandfather. (Family owned car business) So it will be weeks before Medicaid gets approved and then I dont know if I will get an appt right away, and I just can’t wait that long. I will give myself an anxiety attack before then!! I just need to see the heartbeat and I will be fine, but this having no symptoms is really making me crazy!! I mean I usually don’t worry about things, but I am obsessing over this. My DH even said so. What should I tell them if I go to the womens clinic? That’s where I went to get my confirmation test for medicaid and I saw then that they do U/s, but I didn’t know the circumstances on which they will give them. Will they give me one just because I am freaking out thinking something is wrong?


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