Seriously now?!?

Yesterday I enjoyed a phone conversation with a new pal I met on the Infertility forum: Melanie.  Melanie and I got our BFP (“big fat positive “, a holy acronym for those on the infertility forum) around the same time.  She’s a week or so ahead of me (due date September 10) and it’s been great having her as a “partner in crime” so to speak.  She and I have had pretty parallel pregnancies so far….  when I’m obsessing about symptoms or a lack thereof, she seems to be as well.  When I’m googling about the safety of space heaters and pregnancy, she’s googling about the safety of cold medicine.

We enjoyed a really fun conversation whereas anyone else would think we were completely bat-crazy!  The two of us are actually considering the purchase of a fetal heartbeat doppler in order to check to make sure our babies’ heart is still beating.

Seriously now?!?!  How did I get to be THAT obsessive, neurotic chick?  I have always been quite easygoing about stuff, but suddenly I’m a freak.  Melanie, at least, has somewhat of an excuse, as she got pregnant last year and miscarried at around 8 weeks.

I think the experience I endured dealing with Infertility is the main reason this crazy person has emerged.  After so much heartache, emotional ups & downs, and physical effort, I feel like this pregnancy is a miracle.  I know that sounds dramatic, but at 39 years old, that’s how I feel.  And let’s face it, miracles are to be cherished.  I just cannot bear the thought of something happening and not getting my little bundle of joy in September.


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