She works at a wine bar…

OMG!  Super fun day yesterday.  It was Super Bowl Sunday, one of my favorite Sundays of the year.  We had decided to go to a joint Super Bowl/Birthday party for our good friend, Danielle, who we haven’t seen in over 3 years (so WRONG).  I had forgotten how much I love both Danielle and her brother, TJ… who was actually our internet ordained minister at our wedding in 2o02 – good stuff!

Anyways, definitely a fun party, hosted by Danielle’s teacher friend, Kanani.  There is something so fun about sharing the event with like minded football and non-football fans, evaluating the commercials, making predictions, guessing who will win the quarterly pool, oh and playing a fun game I just learned called “The Dollar Game”…. it’s a game that definitely appeals to my gambling spirit!

Anyhoo… it turns out Danielle is now working at a Wine Bar – in addition to teaching Kindergartners and working at a computer lab,  yep she’s a hard worker! – so she had brought over tons of bottles of beautiful, fine wines that she had gotten at a discount.

I had to endure 5 hours of watching my new Super Bowl friends sipping on gorgeous Pinots, Zinfandels and Malbecs.  Grrrrrr!!!  How badly did I want to pour myself a glass!?!??  Fine wine is definitely one of my biggest weaknesses.

I was good, of course…. sipping on my non-alcoholic beer.  But I’m really starting to see how the next 7 months are going to be much more difficult than I thought.  They do say that during the 3rd trimester (some even say the 2nd trimester), that it is safe to have a drink or two.  I don’t know if I will actually partake or not.  Once I get to the 3rd trimester, let’s face it, home stretch, right?  But damn…  by that time, how much will I be craving wine?!?


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