speaking of wine (whine!)…

It has become very clear that certain friends of mine do not appreciate  my new “clean living” way of life.   Or else they do not know how to deal with a non-boozing person in their life.

Friends with whom I had previously spent loads of time sipping fine wine and pondering the questions of life seem to have dropped me like a hot potato since I’ve adopted my no – alcohol lifestyle.  Instead I get to hear about their raucous, tipsy evenings post haste.

I guess it is something I should expect, however it is sad that maintaining a relationship with plain ol’ me isn’t interesting enough to overcome the fact that I am a “drinking partner” no more.

Such is the nature of life.  We are ever evolving.  I am a big believer that people come into your lives for different reasons at different times, serving some kind of purpose.  As I get older and my priorities change, it’s only natural that my friendships change.  Does this mean I’m destined for a future of “mommy group” friendships??…

… which is NOT me.  Although I want motherhood more than anything, it doesn’t change the core of who I am.  I still want to drink wine and act silly with my friends.  And as I learned yesterday, I am quite capable of giggling and having fun drinking non-alcoholic beer amongst the most hard-core of wine drinkers.

Besides, don’t these people want a Designated Driver??


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