The Psychology of spilling the beans

I don’t know why how/when to “spill the beans” is such a big deal to me, but it seems to be something that has occupied a LOT of my energy lately.

If it were up to Pete, he’d just send an email out to everyone we know and be done.  As for me, I really need to do this my way.  Which is I really prefer to tell friends one by one or in small groups.  AND, there are certain friends I want to tell before others.  For example, I felt the need to tell my good friend Anna first… unfortunately, that isn’t going to happen, because I’ve already told a couple of friends first (oops)!!  But Anna is my friend who has truly been through the infertility battle with me since the beginning and I truly believe that she understands more than anyone else since she dealt with her own issues before giving birth to the fabulous, gorgeous baby Kamila.

We went to dinner with a group of friends last Saturday night and I know that Pete wanted to “make an announcement”, but it just didn’t feel right to me.  First, the purpose of the dinner was to catch up with our friend, Ian, who is visiting from Australia for a few weeks.  Also, I don’t like the idea of blurting it out to a big group.  I’d rather share the news with a couple of friends so that I can give the news the attention it deserves!  I want to talk about how I got a negative result the day before I got my positive blood test.  I want to talk about how difficult the last few weeks have been due to nausea, exhaustion and general stress.  Etc, etc.

Luckily, Pete was “good” and kept his little mouth shut!!  There were a couple of moments where I was “bracing myself” – ha ha ha!

Oh and even better, I ordered a mint-lemonade which everybody thought was a mojito – love it!


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