The world we live in

I am partaking in one of my newest favorite hobbies:  surfing the BabyCenter.com September 2010 Birth Club forum.

There is some seriously shocking stuff I have learned in the last 5 minutes:

  • One woman wonders what to do with all of the beans that she gets with her WIC coupons
  • One woman confessed to eating only Fun dip, smarties, lemon heads, Reese cups, ice cream, donuts, cake, and cookies
  • One woman was stressed because the Medicaid application takes months and she needs to get in to see an OB/GYN since she is pregnant (!!)
  • One woman who had to post-pone her OB/GYN appointments due to the fact that she has to save up for the copay

I can’t even summarize this one, so here’s the entire posting (with typos!)

… my “exfutureMIL” told my mom today

that I’m pregnant… I was holding off till this Thursday, when I had an actual sonogram in my hands, I was terrified of my mother knowing because I KNEW she’d tell me I had to get “rid of it” (I’m 24, there’s no way she could make me, but she’d try..) I was also waiting to get my insurance, and signed up for financial aid in my area, and to get enrolled in school.. All these things were to soften the blow (and I have done all of them, save actually going to my first appt.), and help her see that I’m very serious about this. I KNEW what I had to do the second I saw the positive on that little test, my XDF did not, and was not picking up his feet fast enough, so I decided to end it. When I decided that, he immediatly went home, packed his sh*t, and “started walking down the railroad tracks, north”. Upon hearing about her sons trek, and the reason behind it, his mother proceeds to come to MY work, and yell at me.. of course, I had to ask her to leave, after a halfhearted attempt of telling her that I was prepared to be a mother to our child, but that I wouldn’t be his mother also, and that I never ONCE said he couldn’t see LO, he decided to “leave” all by hisself.. she calls my mother… at work.. and tells her.



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