Blood! Ack!

Sorry in advance for the TMI.

This morning I was on the toilet doing my business.  I blew my nose then used the same tissue to wipe “down there”.  As I do every time I pee, I check the TP for any signs of anything “unusual”.  My heart stopped for a moment as I saw drops of blood.  My biggest nightmare.  Although bleeding is very common, especially early on in pregnancy, I haven’t had it yet and it can signal an imminent miscarriage.

For a moment I panicked then realized the blood was a bit faded as it had seeped through the folded over TP.  I grabbed a new bit of TP, wiped down there and nothing.  That is when I realized that the blood must have come from my nose!  So I blew my nose again, and sure enough spots of blood.  PHEW!

Bloody noses are another symptom of pregnancy, although it hadn’t happened to me yet.  I’ll take it!  So weird!


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