Team Pink!!!

Baby’s a SHE!  We found out a week and a half ago, but had to wait to tell all of the family before going public.

Obviously we’re thrilled.  Pete says he “had no preference”, but I don’t believe him.  That little girl is gonna have him wrapped around her little finger…. no doubt!

I was really worried in the days leading up to the gender ultrasound….  I didn’t want to feel disappointed in the event SHE was a HE.  Because that would be too wrong.  I want to say that I’d be happy regardless as long as baby’s healthy, but I truly don’t know how I would feel.  Guess I don’t have to worry about it now!

We had a fun time revealing the gender to my family on Mother’s Day.  I had asked a local bakery to bake a cake with pink frosting inside.  I told everyone the cake would reveal baby’s sex when we cut into it: either blue or pink frosting!  We had Austin do the honors and the first slice was being stubborn (sign of the little one’s personality perhaps?!?!) so it was a suspenseful moment for the family.  Finally the slice came out and my mom practically started jumping up and down with joy!  I wonder what she would have done if it were blue inside?  Hmmm… things I’ll never know.

Last weekend while in NJ visiting Pete’s family, we held the news for a while and let everyone guess.  Most suspected girl, but some were lead to believe we were having a boy (sneaky us!)  Finally we passed out pink “It’s a Girl” mints and everyone was thrilled.  All of the grandbabies on his side are boys… oh and they are all over 18 years old!!

So lots of excitement for Baby D on both sides of the family.

As for Pete and I, we decided that as long as the little girl does not become #1. a Dodger fan #2. a drug addict and #3 a prostitute (in that order!) we will be very happy.

Can’t wait for our little princess to arrive!


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