Simply awesome…

Okay, I’m at 24 weeks and I’m still not *obviously* pregnant.  When I tell people, they say, “of course”, but I have yet to have a perfect stranger congratulate me or comment on my pregnancy.

Last weekend, I had the opportunity to spend Sunday with my favorite girlfriends at AT&T Park and catch some Giants baseball action.  LOVE that my friends think that baseball is a perfectly normal “girls day out” activity!

Coming home, my friend Barbara and I decided to take the MUNI train to BART instead of walk (we were pooped from a long, fun-filled day in the sun).  Now the MUNI train is ALWAYS mobbed after a Giants game.  So, we squeeze our way onto the super-packed train and I was floored to hear Barbara announce, “Okay, who’s getting up for the pregnant lady?”  I was even more surprised when a whole group of people got up and offered me a seat.  LOL LOL LOL!

The two of us sat comfy cozy for the entire ride.  There sure are perks to pregnancy!!  I’m looking forward to taking advantage of them in the coming months.


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