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The bottomless pit

Wow!  For some reason I am hungry all day today.  I eat a meal but 10 minutes later, hungry again.

I knew that at 31 weeks, the little girl is heading into a growth spurt, but Wow!  The last time I felt like this was when I was training for IronMan and burning thousands of calories in my sleep.


names names names

Okay, so we have poured through umpteen Baby Name Books, stared at page after page after page of names on,, etc, etc.

Still no decision.

Why is this so hard?

It really is a big decision. This is our baby and we really want to choose the perfect name that will take her from infant to baby girl to school-age girl, to teenager, etc, etc.  Mitzy,  Bebe or Kiki just isn’t going to cut it.

Furthermore, we have no idea what kind of personality she will have.  Will she be a Mavis, a Jennifer, a Jane or a Nicola?  Each of those names conjures up a different image with a different personality.

I’m definitely of the frame of mind that we should have a set of names going into the hospital and let ourselves be inspired once we meet the little one.  But even that has been challenging!

Here are our (current) contenders:

Sophia DeStefano

Amelia DeStefano

Andie DeStefano

Matilda DeStefano

Mariela DeStefano

Daniela DeStefano

I really like all of these names, but they also seem very similar as far as personality and look goes….  but this is what the two of us could agree on so this is it!

Any suggestions?  Which of these names do you like?

Obviously, we need all the help we can get!!


Ponder your legacy

Yesterday I attended a beautiful eulogy for a beautiful, well-loved man.  My great friend, Carolyn’s dad, Joseph Robert Kelly, passed away on Friday.  He had been suffering from Altzheimers for many years and apparently the last few weeks had been particularly difficult for Joe and his family.  Carolyn told me that two weeks ago, her dad told her, “you don’t have to worry about me anymore.”  Obviously, very sad, but the reality is, he lived a long, happy, fulfilling life and it was time.

The service was simply beautiful.  What made the ceremony all the more beautiful is that Joe’s son (Carolyn’s brother), Kevin, officiated the sermon, as he is a priest.  I cannot imagine having to officiate my own father’s funeral service, however Kevin performed the service with grace, dignity and strength.  I could not help but be in awe of his unique ability to speak to the audience as if we were all gathered around his living room vs. sitting in pews at the magnificent St. Agnes Church in San Francisco.  He had a very special way of talking to us like we are equals, as if we’d all been friends for years.  Many priests, I feel, tend to “talk down” to the people… which in some ways they should feel entitled to.

I learned more about Carolyn’s father than I’d ever known before and I’m so happy I had a chance to get to know my friend’s father post-mortem.  Throughout the ceremony, as Kevin reflected on Joe’s inherent goodness, kindness towards others, and other amazing qualities, I was forced to think about myself.

What is my legacy?  What will they say during MY service?  These are important questions.  I want to do everything possible to ensure those who survive me retain great memories.  But, guess what?  That does not happen automatically.  We must work to achieve this and it is not something that is based on a few select events in time.  It is based on consistent behavior.  I guess it’s something to think about from time to time… are we living our lives in a way that promotes goodness and positivity?  If so, I believe our legacy will be fulfilled.  It should not be difficult.

Oh and by the way, my wish is for my service to be a “Celebration of my Life”, rather than a sad day.  I want guests to wear bright colors, drink lots of wine, dance, sing, laugh and remember that I would have loved to party with everyone too!


That Crazy Pup!

Our little 5 year old Boston Terrier (Lucy) sure knows how to get herself into trouble.  Sometimes I think that it is amazing she is still alive.

We are on a first name basis at the Emergency 24 Hour Vet Hospital.  Recently, we came up with a list of “Lucy’s Lives”.  Here they are, not in chronological order:

1.  Bitten in the cheek by a dog who she was tormenting from behind a wire fence… she got lucky with just a few stitches

2.  Foxtail up the nose… $500 (poof!) to the vet to extract the foxtail

3.  Swallowed chicken bones she found on the trail and started foaming at the mouth… trip to the Emergency room for x-rays

4.  Ate a box of chocolate cookies.  We tried to induce vomiting, no luck and she seemed a-0kay.  Guess she’s got a stomach of steel as well!

5.  Ran away from home and was found 1/2 mile away on the Iron Horse Trail by a kind hearted neighbor, who returned her to us

6.  Got pinned to the ground by a 200 lb buck in the backyard.  We thought that was the end, but miraculously the buck let her go

7.  She got caught underneath a group of large dogs at the dog park… ever since, she has been very fearful of dog parks and big dogs in general

8.  Climbed atop a 9 foot fence to try to escape from the backyard, then realized she could not jump down… good thing she didn’t jump because that would have been another “life”

9.  She wandered away and decided to search for me at the Ballpark after I had left to get food.  We were there for “Dog Days of Summer” — 40k+ people, hundreds of dogs… she got lost and we got EXTREMELY lucky our friend Barbara found her.

10.  Cornered the neighbor’s cat and got herself scratched in the eye.  Tear in her cornea, and NARROWLY missed having to get surgery and/or losing her eyesight.

Oh and she’s only 5 years old…  let’s hope she learns some lessons and we don’t have any more scares.   Although, I think I know better!


Mean Girls

Too often than is acceptable, there are times when I feel like I’ve “Hot Tub Time Machine”d back to High School.  I am almost 40 years old and from time to time I experience feelings that makes me cringe with reminders of being snubbed, ignored, made to feel insignificant, as I felt often back in High School.  The girls (women) who bring on these awful feelings in me as a grown adult really should know better.  But life is short and I know better than to let this type of behavior from others get to me.

I am no longer that awkward, chubby, insecure teenager.  I am now a confident, happy, beautiful-in-my-own-way grown woman.  I am about to bring a little girl into this world.  I intend to raise my little girl to be confident, assured, kind and smart, not just with matters that affect her personally, but to be considerate of others’ feelings always.  My mom taught me to treat others the way I want to be treated myself.  Believe me, this is the best advice I ever received from her.  I will never have to feel guilty for my own actions.  I only wish that others lived their lives this way.


Rain – Hail – Snow – Lightning – Thunder

I’m a bit behind in my blog activities, so my apologies for the delay in posting about my trip to Colorado.

A month ago, my great friend, Anna and I took a weekend trip to Colorado to stay at her condo, located in Silverthorne, CO (15 miles from Breckenridge, 30 or so miles from Vail).  We planned this trip a few months prior thinking it would be a great get-away for me before the baby arrives and we envisioned a fun filled weekend of hiking, outdoor activities, good food, drink and conversation.  Anna’s sister lives in Denver so she planned to meet up with us, along with some of Anna’s college pals.

A week prior to our trip, I was very excited to see that weather in the area was in the 80s… sunny and beautiful.  Alas, as they say in Colorado, “if you don’t like the weather, wait 15 minutes for it to change”… sure enough as I checked days before our trip, it was forecast to be cold, chance of rain and even thunderstorms!  Oh NO!

What could we do?  Our flights were booked…  gotta grin and bear it.

Adding salt to the wound, it was slated to be a toasty warm weekend in the Bay Area.  I packed up my winter clothing and decided to make the most of the weekend.

Hearing just the facts, one would think our trip was a complete disaster!  First, our flight from SFO was delayed.  Once we got to Denver, the plane had to circle for a while before landing and once we landed, we could not depart the plane right away due to thunder and lightning!  At long last, we departed the plane, took the shuttle to the rental car place, got our car (we were upgraded thank goodness!) and drove 1 1/2 hours to the condo, it was 4am!!  I am usually waking up at that time.  Needless to say, I was a zombie and we went right to bed.

Of course since my body clock is set to wake up before the crack of dawn, I was wide awake at 7am.  Given Anna was still sleeping, I decided to go for a little walk to explore the area.  It was just beautiful!  We had a view of a big valley with some of the Rocky mountains out in the distance.

It was slightly overcast but surprisingly not too cold.  I found that because of the high-altitude and dry heat, the lower temperatures don’t feel as cold as the same temps in California.  Go figure!

I returned to the cabin where Anna was preparing breakfast.  Soon after, Anna’s sister Diana arrived and we enjoyed a tasty breakfast and great conversation.  Next Anna’s college friend, Stacey arrived.  We spent most of the morning chit-chatting, laughing.

Finally, we decided to try for a walk around the nearby Dillon Lake, however once we got to the Lake, we found it to be unbearably windy.

What to do instead?  Ah!  Let’s go to The Dam Brewery for lunch and drinks.  The US vs. England first round World Cup game was going on so the place was packed with a great vibe.  We spent the next couple of hours engaging in more conversation, sharing appetizers and enjoying a relaxing day.

After lunch we decided to hit the Outlet shops for some retail therapy.  By this time it was raining pretty hard so it was perfect to stay indoors.

After a bit of chill time back at the condo, we decided to head to Breckenridge for dinner.  I only wish we could have spent more time in Breckenridge, as it seems like such a charming, old-time town.  We found a fabulous, fun little restaurant called the South Ridge Seafood Grill and enjoyed a tasty, pleasant meal.  Here is my Yelp! review.

After such a long day, I crashed early.  I awoke with a start at 6am, took a look out the window and what do I see?  It’s snowing!  It was just gorgeous!  It’s June, what’s going on?  It felt like the dead of winter… however so peaceful.  I wanted to go outside to take pictures, but decided to sleep a bit longer.   I finally woke up at around 8am, went out for another walk and to take pictures of the snow.  Unfortunately, it was no longer snowing and the snow on the ground was already starting to melt – bummer!  I did get in a nice long walk and took a few pictures.

We had plans to meet up with a few more of Anna’s college friends who live in Denver, so we spent the morning eating breakfast, cleaning the condo and packing.  We said goodbye to Diana and Stacey and hit the road to Denver to meet up with Anna’s friends.  We spent a couple of hours with three of Anna’s college friends and a very darling baby.  Of course all of Anna’s friends are super nice, friendly, and professional… as if I’d expect anything less!  It was a fun afternoon but we had to rush off to the airport to catch our flight.  Luckily we left when we did, because we sure cut it close!  In fact, the Frontier Airlines baggage claim clerk made me sign a waiver that they would not be responsible in the event my bag did not make it onto the plane — yikes!

Luckily all worked out, we got on the plane, it was an easy flight home and there was my bag at Baggage Claim!

So, regardless of the fact that we experienced rain, hail, snow, thunder and lightning, it was an enjoyable weekend after all.

That next week Anna apologized to me multiple times about the “disastrous weekend”… silly girl!  I had fun and it’s not like she has control over the weather.  We decided to take a trip next year and hopefully the weather will cooperate!

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