names names names

Okay, so we have poured through umpteen Baby Name Books, stared at page after page after page of names on babywizard.com, babynames.com, etc, etc.

Still no decision.

Why is this so hard?

It really is a big decision. This is our baby and we really want to choose the perfect name that will take her from infant to baby girl to school-age girl, to teenager, etc, etc.  Mitzy,  Bebe or Kiki just isn’t going to cut it.

Furthermore, we have no idea what kind of personality she will have.  Will she be a Mavis, a Jennifer, a Jane or a Nicola?  Each of those names conjures up a different image with a different personality.

I’m definitely of the frame of mind that we should have a set of names going into the hospital and let ourselves be inspired once we meet the little one.  But even that has been challenging!

Here are our (current) contenders:

Sophia DeStefano

Amelia DeStefano

Andie DeStefano

Matilda DeStefano

Mariela DeStefano

Daniela DeStefano

I really like all of these names, but they also seem very similar as far as personality and look goes….  but this is what the two of us could agree on so this is it!

Any suggestions?  Which of these names do you like?

Obviously, we need all the help we can get!!


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