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End in sight.

Today I scheduled my c-section to deliver our baby girl.  OMG!  In just over 2 weeks, we meet the newest member of our little family.

My feelings are mixed.  As crazy as this may sound, there is a part of me that wants to stay pregnant forever.  Okay, maybe if I could go back to week 28 and stay there, that would be perfect!  I have grown to love my big buddha belly and there is just no way to describe the sense of comfort and joy when I feel her moving around inside of me.

It’s hard to comprehend that it’s a human being inside of me.  I know it’s irrational, but I almost feel like there is a puppy inside of me, and we’ll have another Lucy in a couple of weeks!  Crazy, I know.  Just shows you my frame of reference… but also how I feel about my Lucy… she’s like a child to me.

September 16 at 12:30pm is go time.  I am a bit disappointed as I really wanted to experience childbirth naturally – with drugs OF COURSE, but natural still.  I dedicated myself to building up my core (Dailey Method class 4 – 5 times a week throughout my pregnancy) in hopes that labor would be easier & faster.  Oh well.

Little Miss Stubborn has plans of her own….  There is still a chance she’ll flip around and get into the right position, but for now, she’s breech and the chances are pretty slim, especially as she gets bigger and bigger.  I gotta look on the bright side:  no tearing, my private parts will remain intact, etc, etc.  The thought of tearing kinda freaks me out.  Also, I won’t have to play the “waiting game”.  I have heard of so many first time moms who have delivered late.  I can’t imagine hanging around on September 21, wondering “when?!?!?”  No having to count contractions, DEAL with contractions, breathing exercises, pushing, etc.

Instead, I show up, get a spinal so I can’t feel anything below my chest.  A couple of cuts and they pull her out… voila!  Also, I’ll get to stay in the hospital longer.  No doubt we will need all the help we can get from the nurses, lactation consultants, etc, so this is good.  I do fear the recovery with a c-section.  But in the grand scheme of life, what’s two weeks of non-movement?!?  I’m sure we’ll be so enamored with this little one, that the time will fly by.

Let the countdown begin!


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