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That Crazy Pup!

Our little 5 year old Boston Terrier (Lucy) sure knows how to get herself into trouble.  Sometimes I think that it is amazing she is still alive.

We are on a first name basis at the Emergency 24 Hour Vet Hospital.  Recently, we came up with a list of “Lucy’s Lives”.  Here they are, not in chronological order:

1.  Bitten in the cheek by a dog who she was tormenting from behind a wire fence… she got lucky with just a few stitches

2.  Foxtail up the nose… $500 (poof!) to the vet to extract the foxtail

3.  Swallowed chicken bones she found on the trail and started foaming at the mouth… trip to the Emergency room for x-rays

4.  Ate a box of chocolate cookies.  We tried to induce vomiting, no luck and she seemed a-0kay.  Guess she’s got a stomach of steel as well!

5.  Ran away from home and was found 1/2 mile away on the Iron Horse Trail by a kind hearted neighbor, who returned her to us

6.  Got pinned to the ground by a 200 lb buck in the backyard.  We thought that was the end, but miraculously the buck let her go

7.  She got caught underneath a group of large dogs at the dog park… ever since, she has been very fearful of dog parks and big dogs in general

8.  Climbed atop a 9 foot fence to try to escape from the backyard, then realized she could not jump down… good thing she didn’t jump because that would have been another “life”

9.  She wandered away and decided to search for me at the Ballpark after I had left to get food.  We were there for “Dog Days of Summer” — 40k+ people, hundreds of dogs… she got lost and we got EXTREMELY lucky our friend Barbara found her.

10.  Cornered the neighbor’s cat and got herself scratched in the eye.  Tear in her cornea, and NARROWLY missed having to get surgery and/or losing her eyesight.

Oh and she’s only 5 years old…  let’s hope she learns some lessons and we don’t have any more scares.   Although, I think I know better!


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