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We live in a baby-centric world

Has something changed in the world? I don’t recall there ever being a time when there was so much focus on babies. It’s an epidemic I tell you.

Am I right? or am I being hypersensitive cause I’m “trying”? My frame of reference may be a bit fuzzy in light of my situation.

This past weekend, it seemed like everywhere I went, all I saw were were happy mommies & daddies pushing strollers, bouncing babies decked out in Giants gear at the baseball game, babies smiling up at me as I pass by stores that craftily use the cutest thing on earth for their advertising campaigns. The first thing you see when you walk into Pottery Barn is their Baby Collection. There’s a new store that just opened up in Walnut Creek called “Day One Center”. It’s a go to spot for expectant parents who want to take classes, buy supplies, meet other expectant parents, and other mysterious activities. Clients pay a monthly subscription fee. Sounds like a scam to me… what’s wrong with the services at the local Hospital? Just curious.

I’m sure I will totally appreciate it when I finally get to the point when I actually have one of my own. Luckily I’m a sucker for a chubby, happy baby. I do love ’em and will never resist the opportunity to coo over a cutie pie. But sometimes it feels like a smack in the face reminder of what I don’t have.