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Blah blah blog

I’m not in the mood to blog, but feel obligated to do so. Lame, I know. I’ll try to make this tolerable to you all, but I’m guessing it will be a lot of rambling blah blah blah. Guess inspiration comes and goes.

I have a not so fun call to make later this afternoon, and I’ll be meeting a potential dog walker for Lucy for when we are away. Hopefully I can sneak in a yoga session in between.

It’s funny, I started asking folks on the trail if they have recommendations for Dog Sitters/Walkers and it is amazing how many people offered to walk her themselves… she’s certainly a much-loved dog!

I think I’ll have her favorite walking ladies take her out in the a.m. as they walk about the same amount as Lucy is used to each day. Then, I’ll have the Dog Sitter come for play and maybe a shorter walk later in the day. That, and with visits from her favorite Auntie A, hopefully she’ll be so tired out, she won’t even miss us!

I also realized yesterday upon doing a bit of research, that cell phone / internet access on the boat is stupendously expensive….. as in the range of $4.50/minute! Yikes. Looks like I won’t be blogging for at least a week starting on the 31st. The week after, I’ll be in Orlando dealing with tradeshow madness, so chances aren’t so good then either. Guess I’ll have to make note of my blogworthy anecdotes and play catch up upon my return.


Blogging? My next addiction?

I have spent all morning working on my blog (please don’t tell my boss!) — I see now why Ayelet is so into it – I thought “how disciplined is SHE to write in her blog so regularly!” I am seeing now that it is fun and addictive. I am planning to attend the BlogHer Conference in SF in July. As I peruse the site, I’m discovering that there are so many talented women out there who have created masterpiece blogs. Mine is pretty lame in comparison. Must change that. I CAN write SOMETHING at least once a day, right?!?!

Watch this space…

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