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Yes, I feel important

And here’s MY interview (LOVE that) written by the quite talented Undomestic Diva,



A very worthwhile experiment

During one of my random web surfing sessions, I came across an online experiment that caught my attention.  I signed up to participate in the experiment and I’m glad I did.  The experiment is Citizen of the Month: Great Interview Experiment (warning: this page will take a looooong time to load).

The way it works is you simply add your name to the bottom of the ever growing list.  The person above you interviews you while you interview the person below.  Each person then posts the interview on their own site and the interviewee becomes like a guest blogger.  The goal is to connect passionate bloggers and let us regular (ie: non-famous) bloggers feel important for a day. 

I had an opportunity to meet two inspirational women… one who gave me a chance to see my words on a website other than my own… and let me tell you this gal can write!  The other gave me a such an honest and captivating picture of who she really is.  I may know things about her that I don’t know about my close friends.

Anyways, here is my write up of the interview I conducted with the quite impressive Ali:

Ali is a bubbly, creative, hard-working woman with a great head on her shoulders.  A happily married (she stole her brother’s best friend as her spouse – oooohhh!) working mother of 2 young boys, Ali does not have much time for herself.  That is why she values her blog as a means to release her creative energy, with the added benefit of chronicling her rapidly growing boys’ lives.  She has a great philosophy about family but knows the importance of “me” time as she has numerous hobbies that reflect her creative spirit.  I think you will all enjoy learning more about Ali.  Here is my interview:

Where do you live? Have you lived there all your life?

Because I am so open with pictures of my kids online, I think it’s safer to not post on the internet where exactly I live. For this reason I live in New England, and yes I have lived here my entire life.

How did you meet your husband?

 I have known my husband since we were preteens-he was my brothers best friend and used to sleep over my house all the time! We didn’t start dating until they had graduated from high school (I’m older) and my brother was in boot camp. Yeah that was awkward. My brother got over it though and was the best man at our wedding. They are still best friends to this day.

 Why do you blog?

I have been blogging for a little over two years my original blog is here:  I think I have evolved in that time and that I’m writing better stuff now.

 I don’t have any one reason. In some ways it is a place I can just be me,  be creative.  It’s an escape, a place I can think about something other than my kids, my housework, my piles of laundry. I also, like most bloggers, feel a need to connect, to be heard, to use my brain a little. I’m a reader but with two little guys around reading is near impossible, I can sit and read a blog  post in little snippets and then walk away when someone needs me. It also works like a virtual scrapbook, My older son was one when I started blogging, and I already go back and read the older posts and find stuff I forgot about. It gives me a snapshot of that moment in time. Also husband knows about my blog but has no interest in reading it. I do wish I could be more real, there are topics I wanted to write about but was afraid to address, whether it be so my family wouldn’t see it, or afraid of offending people. I’m working on that.

Do you love your job?  if so, what makes you love your job?  if not, what makes you stay in your job?

Not really. I’m good at what I do, but I work in THE BIG  hospital in our area, we get the more complex stuff that community hospitals don’t. Nursing is a hard job all around, but where I work is high stress. Like every other job in medicine, too much responsibility, too much paperwork, not enough time or hands to get it all done, and always every month some new responsibility added. In other words we work like dogs, and get treated badly by patients or families or sometimes doctors and coworkers. That isn’t to say I hate my job. There are always patients you love taking care of, times you make a huge difference, played a part in saving someones life. The schedule is very flexible. The reason I stay though is that I can work 24 hours in two twelve hour shifts and be home the other five days a week with my kids. My pay per hour is decent, and I provide the benefits for my family. It’s the best of both worlds, I’m pretty much a stay at home mom most of the time, and I get paid.  I could not do this job 40 hrs a week though, it wears on you over time.

What advice would you give to someone who is trying to get pregnant (ie: me!)?

Advice on getting pregnant or having kids?  If you want to get pregnant, get busy! 🙂  Seriously though count. This is simplified, (considering I know nothing about you ) but you want to target days 12-16 from the first day of your period (first day of period being day 1) it worked for me. Our first son was planned, our second son was a surprise. This obviously does not take into account a whole range of issues that keep people from getting pregnant, and it isn’t exactly a secret, but I have had to explain this to my friends before so I don’t assume people already know it.

On having kids, my personal philosophy is to be present. I try to be aware of what they smell like, how it feels to hold them, absorb it all. I have heard people say it goes by so fast. Well so far it does. My baby will be one in about two months. My other baby is three. It feels like sand slipping through your fingers so I try to suck it all in, they are only little now. That doesn’t mean I have days I don’t want to be ohhhh anywhere else. This parenting shit is hard. Every time we add a child my husband wigs out, It takes him a few weeks to come around, but then he is an amazing dad. It helps that we work together(on parenting).  good luck with your ummm…efforts!

Have you ever wondered what life would be like if you and your husband did not have children?

Not really. We were married for 5 years before we had Will, together like 8years. I know what that was like. It was easier, we did what we wanted when we wanted, we had hobbies. Once you have kids there isn’t really a way to look back and want that. However there is something to be said for not having kids. My children are the center of  my universe, of who I am, but you give stuff up to make room for them. They are expensive, they take all your time, you never again think what do I want to do, you think what is best for them, for the family. What is best for the family is not always what you want.

What types of things do you like to do in your free time (besides the gym) – and of course I’m thinking that you probably do not have a lot of time for extra hobbies!!

Don’t be fooled by all my gym talk-I’m a short chubby girl. I go the gym and lift weights but then I don’t do nearly enough cardio and I eat absolute crap, so under all my fat there are some muscles, but you wouldn’t know it to look at me. I have way to many hobbies, blogging, reading, painting, taking pictures, writing, learning to crochet. I am a creative person without a lot of outlets! I spend way too much time on the computer. I have about a million things I am interested in.

Do you have any goals you’d like to accomplish?

Not any major ones. Right now I’m content to be home with my babies. Personal goals? I would like to take better care of myself, I would like to be more organized, I would like to go back to school and advance my nursing degree. I love to learn and I will probably be taking classes later in life. I would like to increase my readership on my blog, I really want more comments!  I think I would like another baby in a few years(maybe a girl next time, but I have nothing against boys!) I think I might like to be a lactation consultant someday, I think I could do some good there.

If you could travel anywhere, where would you go?

 just about anywhere! I love to travel, to be somewhere new, eat new food, find my way around a new city. So far have been to-France (husband was born there and still has immediate family there), antigua (honeymoon), Dominican Republic (church trip as a teen), canada, seattle, florida, pennsylvania, Maine, New hampshire. Top of the list though? Australia, Hawaii, and so want to go back to France.

Do you have any regrets in life?

Only one, I’m a very independent woman, but I moved straight from my moms house to my apartment with my  (then) fiance . I never lived alone or went away to school, or had a roomate. I wish as a woman I had done that first. I don’t regret the path my life has taken, but I think it would be nice to know, without a doubt that I had done that on my own. That I had stood on my own before I was someones wife and mother.

Thanks Ali for all the great content (and advice!)

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