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I’m Baaack!

Phew! Where do I begin? I got back last Friday but I’m still trying to re-acclimate myself to life on the West Coast.

Two weeks of jam-packed days on the East Coast and I found myself absolutely exhausted.

I ended up sleeping most of the weekend away and I am still finding my eyes shutting around 8:30pm each night.

I’ll have to blog the fun stories and experiences from my trip. For now, I just need to ease back into it slowly.

I’ve definitely fallen off the wagon with regard to my “diet” and I’m having a really difficult time getting back to it. I start off well in the am but somehow in the afternoon I get the urge to snack on no-no items. If diet were the only factor involved, I must be the mot infertile person at the moment. I am not supposed to eat seafood, that’s pretty much all I ate while I was away. Drinking like a bottle of wine every day could not be good either.

I can’t seem to bring myself to do yoga either.

Next week I will be good… Already looking forward to fun this weekend.