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Post # 101!

I was so surprised to log in to blogger and learn that I’ve published 100 posts to my blog so far!

I know there are folks out there with thousands of blog entries, but this feels like an accomplishment to me.

Mondays are always my most least inspired of days, but let’s see if I can come up with something witty, intelligent, or meaningful… fat chance!

Last week during our weekly company meeting, the topic of earthquakes came up… namely the ginormous quake that is estimated to hit the bay area in the next ~10 years. My boss then told us he had heard that scientists were actually considering pouring a bunch of baby powder down the fault line so that when the earthquake finally hits, the plates will move smoother, resulting in a less devastating situation. ???

I asked him if Johnson & Johnson was sponsoring the project. That just sounds like an urban legend if you ask me! In fact I am going to Google this now… watch this space.


I could not find anything to this effect, but in the following article, they do reference looking to see if talc exists deep in the faultline core… hmmmm, verrrry interesting.