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Friday Bullets!

I know, I know, I missed last Friday’s bullets.  That’s ‘cuz it was the day after Thanksgiving and I was in L.A. thinking about the beach instead of my computer. 

I have caught some kind of flu bug.  I woke up this morning feeling groggy. But when Lucy is breathing heavy on my face to get up for “walkie”, I just go for the flow.  Well, “walkie” this morning was cut short and I suffered the entire time.  All I could think about was getting back in bed & sleep.  And I did… very uncharacteristic of me.


  • Our trip to L.A. was a blast.  I’ll try to write a separate entry to share the notable experiences, but the funniest thing for me is how all of the natives kept complaining about how “freezing” it was, as they were decked out in wool coats and ski boots.   Hilarious considering it was 70 degrees!   It kind of made me happy because I thought *I* was a wimp.
  • My boss just hired a new sales rep.  This sales rep used to work for one of our partners, but he got fired when the company was acquired by a by a big ol beast of a software company.  For some reason my boss feels indebted to this guy.  I telling myself that this does not affect me and to focus, but I can’t deny that red flags are waving and I am worried about my own employment status.  My boss does have a history of bringing in new employees that end up replacing older employees.  Another part of me thinks this guy will fall flat on his face.  Guess all I can do is ride it out and do the best that I can to ensure my own job security.
  • I had fun plans scheduled for the weekend.  Poker party at the boss’ house tonight, a tree trimming party at Barbara’s tomorrow night and dinner with the gals at Va De Vi in Walnut Creek on Sunday.  I bailed out on poker and cancelled a hair appointment and I’m waiting to see how I feel tomorrow before I decide what I’m doing the rest of the weekend.  I will be sad if I miss out on all of the fun weekend plans.  The Holiday season is already in full swing!
  • I have gotten myself hooked on Friday Night Lights.  After sleeping as much as I could sleep today, I started watching the first season and I’m a fan.  Similar to Mad Men, Friday Night Lights offers viewers a glimpse into a completely world: the world according to a small town in Texas where life revolves around football.  The show is shot in documentary style which really aids character development.  I may need to go get Season 2 & 3 soon as I’m plowing through these episodes quickly.  Oh, yeah, there is some eye candy as well….  grrrrrrr!
  • The Giants are really pissing me off right now.  They just signed a new Shortstop, Edgar Renteria, to a two year deal.  Apparently he’s a “proven hitter” but I feel like he’s another “over the hill” journeyman who is not going to make a big impact on the team.  Is he really a huge improvement over Omar Vizquel (my boyfriend in another life)?  I don’t understand why Brian Sabean, the General Manager, goes after these old men time and time again.  ALSO, they decided to raise ticket prices by $2/ticket.  HELLO?!?!?  Newsflash!  We are in an economic recession.  That is completely rude, especially given The Giants performance in recent years.  Luckily we are not renewing our Season tickets, so it won’t affect us.

Anyways, have a great weekend everyone.  Hopefully I will be healthy on Monday!


Friday Bullets!

I was going to post some pictures I took yesterday.  There is an overpass in Lafayette where, each year in remembrance of the tragic 9/11 date, community members decorate the bridge with signs and American flags.  It is quite an amazing sight to see. 

Oh, but I don’t have a computer at the moment.  I am using Pete’s computer to post this blog.  Yesterday my computer decided that it did not want to charge itself any longer so the battery slowly went dead.  After a tedious call with Dell technical support, they determined the problem to be my charger.  The replacement charger was supposed to arrive today but so far nothing.  It looks like I’ll be computer-less this weekend.

Oh well, it’s Friday, right?  It has been a full day and it’s only 3pm.

  • First thing this morning, my boss breaks the news that one of our partner companies, NetPro, just got acquired by Quest (up until today a competitor).  Here’s the announcement.  Apparently it was one of those ugly takeovers where all the employees were told to report to a local hotel.  There was a room for the “welcome aboard” group and there was a room for the “goodbye, you’re fired” group.  Apparently the “welcome aboard” group was tiny in comparison to the other.  This news really makes me appreciate that I’m no longer a part of such a cutthroat corporate environment.  But it also makes me realize that nothing is a sure thing.  The world is ever-changing.  I need to be on my toes even in my seemingly secure job at a family-oriented company.
  • A-ha!  The DHL truck has arrived.  I am back at my computer ready to upload photos and sync my iPod, as I must upload my new Counting Crows playlist in order to prep for next week’s concert at the Concord Pavilion (yay!)
  • Lucy is licking the lotion off my leg at this very moment.  Speaking of lotion, while we were up at Tahoe last weekend,  Ayelet and I had to go look for a white bra for me (long story).  We found a great shop in downtown Truckee where I found my bra and Ayelet found some crack cocaine for the skin: Epicuren.  She bought a bottle of the lotion in a coconut kukui nut flavor.  I musta slathered 1/2 the bottle on myself over the course of the weekend.  I just went and ordered some for myself, ’cause it is the best lotion EVER.  You know how most lotions feel at least a bit waxy on the skin?  Epicuren?  no waxy feeling whatsoever.
  • Here’s a fun quote from Anna, “basically I feel like summer is over now, all of the coffee shops have pumpkin flavored drinks and stuff like that”.  Love that!
  • This weekend… really looking forward to checking out harvest season in Wine Country on Saturday.  I’ll be joining Ayelet and her visiting friend from Italy on a little wine tasting excursion.  We made reservations at The Girl and the Fig, which I’ve always wanted to try… so quite excited.  On Sunday, plans for lunch or an afternoon get together with Kathy & Doug.  Very excited to hear all about the pregnancy.  Maybe Kathy will let me feel her belly.  ; )

Have a great weekend everyone!


Friday Bullets!

Gotta make this short ’cause we are taking off for the weekend in moments….

Yep, we’re off for a fun weekend away, staying at Amy’s house in Truckee (near Donner Lake).  Amy was supposed to join us but she wisely made the decision to spend the weekend with her 13 year old daughter, they are both missing Amy’s 18 year old daughter who just started college in Santa Barbara.  So it’s the Pete, Sheila, Ayelet and Lucy roadtrip.  We’ll be meeting up with Jackie & Mark and the “I-L’s” as Jackie so fondly calls them.  Looking forward to some relaxation, laughs with friends and good luck at the casinos!

I took the day off today and I am more exhausted than ever.  Ran errands literally ALL. DAY. LONG.  Phew!  Took my car back for service, shopping at Target, lunch with Lucy at Sideboard, took Lucy to her dermatology appointment, got my nails done, packed and now I am wiped out.

So Lucy’s new dermatologist ruled out a bunch of possible allergies (mites, scabies, fleas – phew!) She strongly suspects Lucy has a pollen allergy.  They took some blood tests and we’ll get the results back in 1 month.  For now, Lucy must follow a strict venison/sweet potato diet (no table scraps, bones, snacks, etc), Benadryl once a day and medicated shampoo.  My poor baby!

I learned something about myself this week – the left side of me feels pain more acutely than the right.  I realized it at acupuncture the other day, then today at the nail salon, it definitely felt more painful when the nail technician scraped off my callouses on the left foot than the right.  It is good to know things about oneself, right?!??! : )

Have a great weekend everyone… just so you all know, next week is going to SUCK big time.  I am already way behind at work and I have a LONG list of tasks to attend to before I do anything else.


Friday Bullets!

Thank goodness I am using this format on Fridays.  It’s kinda how my brain operates on Fridays: in very short bursts requiring little depth of thought.

  • When did Lucy get more popular than me? As of today, my site has 305 hits, while she has 344 hits!  Oh, guess what? I started my blog in 2004 and she started hers… 3 weeks ago???  I shouldn’t be surprised, DUH, it’s lovable Lucy.
  • I am TIRED of hearing the name, “Manny Ramirez” over and over.  It seems like every other word I hear from the fine radio hosts at KNBR is “Manny”.  “Manny this, Manny that.”  Am I the only one who thinks it is ridiculous that the SF Giants flagship radio station,  is giving this guy so much attention?  He’s using the Dodgers to get a new contract, just as much as they are using him to overtake Arizona in the Western Division.  Guess it is a win-win situation, but why should we care enough to discuss him ad nauseum?
  • Speaking of the Giants vs. Dodgers, I’m pretty excited to have been invited to a birthday party (Happy Birthday, Barbara!) at AT&T Park.  She bought a luxury suite for the game, so on Sunday, 18 of us will enjoy the game in style, sipping fine Chardonnay and munching on Caesar salad.  Now, THAT is a fine way to enjoy Giants baseball if you ask me.
  • Monday night you will find me at the Mountain Winery for the Regeneration Tour.  Yeah, baby, you read that right?  Human League, Belinda Carlisle, ABC, and … WAIT A MINUTE… WTF?!?… A Flock of Seagulls?!?!?  Okay, when I bought tickets a month or so ago, Dead or Alive was the last band, NOT A Flock of Seagulls.  A Flock of Seagulls had like,  ONE hit… they were the quintessential One Hit Wonder.  That is rude.  Don’t get me wrong, I do like their ONE hit, “I ran (so far away)…” but what the heck else will they perform?  No doubt I will have a great time still.  Bring on the ’80s!
  • Lucy has recovered from her “chicken bone incident” but she’s now on Steroids and Antibiotics to treat her itchy skin syndrome.  If it isn’t one thing, it is another with this dog.  But I love her!

Have a great weekend everyone!

I took a little break Wednesday afternoon.  Ahhh, much needed indeed.

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