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Friday Bullets!

Yipee! It’s Friday. This has been a long week. A good week. A productive week. But LONG. When’s the next 3 – day weekend?

  • First off, “slacker intern” put in his two week notice. Hasta la vista! That’s what I say. As Kathy wrote so eloquently, “Don’t let the door bang you in the butt on your way out!” The scary part is I really don’t think my boss would have fired him. Upon bossman’s return from vacation, I proceeded to tattle on “slacker intern” about his slackerish behavior while the “cat” was away. I was shocked that bossman made excuses for slacker and he remained an employee. Guess that is a good thing for my own employment security…
  • We’re going to dinner tomorrow night. Wheeee! It has been an eternity since I’ve dressed up and gone to an actual restaurant for dinner. We are celebrating my wonderful friends Jackie & Mark’s birthdays. Happy Birthday Jackie & Mark! Will see some friends I haven’t seen in a while as well. Plus we are going to Le Colonial – the food is amazing and I have such great memories here.
  • I’m very sad that I am not at the BlogHer conference. I made the decision not to attend since I’ve been a bit to lackadaisical with my spending lately, and I’m trying to cut back. I really wish I’d bit the bullet and signed up. I am being tormented all day long with tweets from happy women who are writing their updates while at the conference. Mostly the messages are cryptic cause I’m ON THE OUTSIDE! It’s like they have the secret “cool chick” language that is not revealed to the geeky girls. Next year for sure.
  • I am going to set up a twitter account for Lucy. She turns 3 in October and I think she’s mature enough now to be introduced to social networking. If you have any ideas for what her twitter name should be, please comment. I am leaning towards squirrel_patrol.

My “bullets” have gotten long… more like actual paragraphs, but hey, it’s my blog. I can do what I want!


Friday Bullets

  • Okay, the Giants are pathetic. Their East Coast performance has been embarrassing thus far (swept by the Mets, first game with the Cubbies lost).
  • This weekend I have zero plans of the typical “Social Sheila” variety (parties, dinners out, etc – you know the type of plans that require makeup and wardrobe planning) but rather have plans to walk with Anna and Julianne in Tiburon Saturday morning. Maybe a hike with Amy Sunday morning. Other than that, nada! Yay, that means I could get away with wearing shorts, t-shirts & flipflops all weekend long.
  • Today I went to lunch with my mom. As I described my acupuncture treatment, she actually asked me, “was she (as in the practitioner) Chinese?” followed with, “was the place clean?” – had to do a bit of educating about the world today. For those of you who are scratching your head, this will explain it: my mother is Japanese and grew up with a very competitive and anti-Chinese/Korean mentality.
  • Lucy managed to lose her collar today. I have no idea how she got it off nor where she put it. I am thinking it somehow got lodged somewhere and came apart. She took one look at it and thought, “a-ha! here’s my chance”, buried it in the backyard and said, “good riddance!” Now she’s back wearing the stinky collar she was wearing when she got skunked.

Have a great weekend, everyone!


Friday Bullets…

… brought to you on Thursday, how ‘about that! I sure as heck won’t be writing tomorrow. : )

This has been a LONG week, so ready for the weekend. Do I say that every week?

Seriously, my boss left for vacation, the network has been down about 50% this week, our 19 year old intern “worked” (if you can call it that) for 2 hours today then announced he had to take off for a doctor’s appointment. Rolling my eyes, revealing my advanced age and saying, “Kids these days….”

Luckily it’s 4th of July weekend and I’m ready for fun.

Tomorrow I’m meeting a pal to watch the famous Danville Parade – I have lived here for 8 years and have never seen it. Supposedly 40 to 50k people come out!

Then… Pete and I are heading out to catch the Giants annihilate the Dodgers and watch another stellar performance by Jonathan Sanchez. I hope I’m not jinxing them.

Saturday is a BBQ/Party at Ayelet’s house. My girl goes ALL out, she truly is amazing. It’s certain to be the party of the summer.

Sunday will be recovery day I’m guessing as well as bracing myself for what is certain to be another LONG week. Boss gets back on July 13.


Friday Shorts

TGIF. This has great meaning for me this week. After two weeks away from my desk, this week seemed VERY long.

But, I survived. My boss decided to “get back at me” by scheduling a 2 week vacation starting July 2.

Here’s what’s going on this weekend for me:

Tonight, I will be chilling and watching baseball. G-men vs. the Kansas City Royals… I don’t think there is a less attractive game for sports fans

Really looking forward to Saturday. We’re heading to the city to catch Pete’s cousin, Anthony’s flick. Check it out, – I had no idea he was doing this but it was his dissertation project to get a PhD degree. Now I know two people who have created documentary films!

Saturday night my SF pals are coming out of the woodwork to hang out (let’s face it they want to escape foggy SF) to have dinner with Pete and I. We will check out the new “hotspot” in Danville, – only wish Ayelet could be there to join us. She is definitely my new restaurant partner in crime. Alas, she will be in Barcelona – I shouldn’t feel too bad!

Sunday is a belated Father’s Day celebration with my family. I’m sure my mom will create a masterpiece lunch for us and it will be fun to catch up with everyone.

My foot seems to be healing, which is very good news. After all, walkies with Lucy are a requirement, not an option.

Have a great weekend, all!


T.G.I.F — more random than usual

TGIF holds so much more meaning when it is the Friday before a 3 day weekend. Yipee!!
In a nutshell, here’s what’s going on with me:

1. Dealing with conflicting emotions — leaving my baby is going to be SOOO hard. (she had tears in her eyes the last time I left for just one week). Meanwhile I just spoke with Anna who will be joining me in Miami and I’m really excited for our upcoming trip.

2. First things first though… I gotta survive 3 more days of work, yet another company dinner and a couple of big presentations next week.

3. Fun stuff in store for the weekend: lunch with a pal in Danville on Saturday, Fun times with great friends in Sausalito on Sunday (I heart wine & art festivals), BBQ Bash at A’s house on Sunday. A bit of baseball here and there, quality time with the pup, packing and relaxation should round things up and make it a GREAT weekend.

4. Yoga is getting easier and I’m starting to get addicted. I feel stronger and my body feels more alive too. May try a class on the cruise.

5. Barry Zito: 0 – 8 (first pitcher to start the season 0-8 since 1890!!) Do I laugh or cry? He’s pitching tonight…

6. Learned another technology product in 10 minutes thanks to a competent Partner — awesome!


Friday Chronicle

One of my new favorite bloggers (who I found on Twitter, reference my previous post)… posts a bulleted list on Fridays… it’s simply a list of short topics, plans for the weekend and other tidbits.
I’ve decided I’m going to follow her style. I am definitely much more random than usual on Fridays, so this should make it easier for me to follow my “blog each workday” rule.

  • It’s HOT but supposed to start cooling off. Lucy is miserable.
  • I may be in the city on Sunday and I just know it will be freezing once the fog rolls in.
  • Getting my hair done tomorrow, then off to a party at BRCohn in Napa — and YES, I WILL be drinking wine. (80% rule, baby*).
  • Starting to look forward to a fun cruise to Bermuda, leaving at the end of the month.
  • In summary, this week I’ve learned more than I have learned the rest of the year so far (did I mention how much I love Twitter?)
  • Pete won his first online poker tournament. Check out his blog. I’m a proud wife!
  • The Giants are starting to show their true colors — there were a couple of truly DISASTROUS games this week.
  • I predict Jason Cook will be crowned American Idol this year (pretty safe bet).

Have a great weekend everyone!

* my practitioner says that as long as I’m “good” 80% of the time, they are satisfied.

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