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Life is Good

Today I’m “working” in the backyard while our housecleaner does her thing. Can I please get someone to turn the wind down a notch? My papers are flying everywhere… thanks!

I’m listening to baseball on the radio, staring at some beautiful redwood trees and trying not to notice the dry, almost brown lawn (there is a water ban going on in my neighborhood). I can’t complain too much.

Plus it’s a long weekend this weekend and I have fun plans on the agenda.

Icing on the cake is I’m off for vacation in about a week. 5 day cruise to Bermuda with the in-laws… hopefully noone goes overboard! Naw, I’m just joshing… I actually like my in-laws, so all should go well.
Just gotta survive 5 more work days…


Happiness is…

I have always loved Charles Schultz’ notion of simple pleasures.

Happiness is… watching your beloved dog run through the meadow… in tall grass so all you see is the crown of her head and flopping ears emerge every second or so as she pops up to get a quick view.

I better go find the anti-tick spray!