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Change in the weather… change in peoples’ moods…

I am thinking that winter is imminent and it is affecting peoples’ moods.  Lately, Lucy & I have come across some serious “haters” on the trail during morning walkie.

This morning – no joke – we are plodding along, minding our own business when I see a woman fall flat on her face on the trail.  The way she fell did not concern me, clearly she was not hurt, but I asked if she was ok?

Her response?

“Did you see how my dog tripped me?”

Me: “um no, not really.”

Lady: “he’s so afraid of YOUR dog that he tripped me.”

Me: (suppressing laughter) “um, OKAY, sorry.”

Are you SERIOUS?!?!?!

I am never very good with the spontaneous, witty remark. 

Here is what I SHOULD have said:

#1: “I can recommend a good dog psychologist”

#2: “Really?  your 100 pound dog is afraid of my 20 pound dog?” (rolling eyes)

People crack me up.  Again as I have said over and over, I can only laugh to myself and feel sorry for people like this, as they surely lead unhappy lives.



Sure enough we ran into the ugly, mean lady with her husband & dog again this morning. I completely ignored her but if looks could kill, I wouldn’t be here to document the experience. If I have to see her every day, I may need to change our route.

THEN, as we’re walking along the Iron Horse Trail minding our own business, a nasty man on a bicycle bellowed, “LEASH your dog, NOW!” He was so loud that I actually jumped. I yelled out, “Jackass!” which made me feel better but the whole experience just leaves a bad taste in my mouth.

Morning “walkies” with Lucy are my daily spiritual time. I cherish those moments like you would not believe. So when someone or something ruins this for me, I get really angry.


Dog Days of Summer

What a day… it’s the last day of the month and the last day of the quarter which has implications that only a salesperson can relate to.

It all started on morning walkie with Lucy.

I had a big goofy smile plastered on my face from the moment I woke up. After a relaxing, fun weekend with wonderful girlfriends, I was in great spirits.

Lucy and I set out on walkie. Lucy happily chased squirrels, and unearthed old tennis balls while I listened to my boys on KNBR, feeling good that the Giants managed to take 2 out of 3 games from the A’s… not at all concerned that today is a Monday.

I should have known the moment I spotted this threesome down the trail. The gray haired skinny woman with a sour look on her face, her husband who meekly walked a step behind her and a small, tawny collie type dog who looked like it wanted nothing more than to get away from them.

As Lucy and I passed by, the collie dog excitedly pulled on the leash trying to jump toward Lucy. Meanwhile Lucy calmly walked past with zero interest in any of them. As I walked by, the lady said to me, “you need to put your dog on a leash. It IS the law after all” – I’m sure you can imagine the sneering voice. Any other day, I would have wanted to smack this lady but today nothing could ruin my great mood. So I pretended I didn’t hear her.

Classic. Clearly she was mad /jealous ’cause her dog was so unruly ON the leash, while Lucy was so well-behaved OFF her leash.

Haters, I tell you. I can only feel sorry for people like this cause clearly she leads a miserable, unhappy life.

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