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Glad I kicked the caffeine addition…

It takes 189 cups of Diet Coke Coffee to kill sheila.

… Although, I suppose I won’t be drinking 189 cups!

See how many cups it takes to kill YOU:


Clean Living

I have been eating so healthy, I think my toilet is deriving benefits!

I feel like I’ve learned more in the past week than I’ve learned in the past year…. With knowledge, comes further questioning and interest, so I’ve become a search engine hound – seeking more and more information on the subject of Eastern Medicine. I’m also looking forward to my accupuncture appointment next week.

I’ve come to realize that the body is a fragile system that relies on proper balance to function properly. Chinese medicine works by getting each organ back in balance. It also works to establish proper functioning of blood flow to each of the organs.

The confusion comes when you aren’t quite sure which aspect of your body is out of balance. In comparing my symptoms to the corresponding diagnosis, it seems like I could be off balance in multiple areas. So which remedy should I follow?

One remedy prescribes to eat lots of soy beans, the other says to stay away from soy products.

One remedy says to eat lots of pineapple, the other says to eat lots of raspberries.

One says eat lots of eggs, the other says stay away from dairy & cheese.

My diet has certainly become much more varied in the past week or so… bring on the wheatgrass, spirulina and tofu!



…That’s me! I did 30 minutes of an hour long yoga tape yesterday… I am sore today, yikes!

As part of my new health kick, I’ve started deep breathing, stretching and yoga.

I have been pretty active most of my adult life… an avid runner and cyclist for years. After one too many running injuries, I retired from running and I’m now a “Lucy walker”. Clearly, those sports do nothing for one’s flexibility. I am humbled.