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Need some inspiration?

I have been seeking inspiration all day.  When the work day is as quiet as Mondays are prone to be, I find myself checking out intellectually and emotionally.  Luckily I have the web to turn to…  I spent a few moments browsing the latest stories and came up with a story that changed my mentality and focus instantly.

Clearly this gal is a rare leader amongst today’s youth.  I feel very inspired by her story and have a rejuvenated faith in the future of our world.  Read Shonnetta’s story here,

I hope you enjoy, now I gotta go to start research on tomorrow’s inspiration….


An unlikely hero

I really enjoyed this article in SFGate,

Call me crazy, but this courageous man’s story speaks to my independent nature.  There is a part of me that is attracted to a lifestyle with “no strings attached” – no PG&E bills to contend with, no lawns to mow [not that I mow the lawn myself but you get my point!] – living off the land and using survival instincts.

I am also inspired by a man who has hit the bottom and is making strides to change his situation.  I do admire his craftiness and will to survive.  Plus, I am sure he is saving more money per month than most people in the Bay Area.

A couple of my thoughts:

I wish him luck and hope he can stay safe and healthy.

I also wonder if he might not be able to get a better job?  Telemarketing for a software company should yield more than what he makes now.  Back at Lyris in 2003, I hired an entry level telemarketing person for $30k/year plus benefits (I thought that was a ridiculously low salary at the time).

I wonder if he is going to suddenly get some job opportunities, donations, etc as a result of this article being published?… I hope so!