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Where is the comedy?

Pete and I enjoyed a fabulous weekend in SF this past weekend.  We stayed for the weekend in celebration of our 6th anniversary.  I could not have asked for a better anniversary weekend celebration.

The only gripe I have is that we spent good money to see a comedy show at Cobb’s Comedy.  We saw Eddie Griffin and honestly, I laughed harder at dinner with my friends than at the show.

The show wasn’t very funny, instead it was a political rant session with lots of cuss words thrown in for effect.

I understand it’s election season and this is a heated competition.   But I really need to get my comedy fix… I am craving Laugh out Loud, FUNNY comedy.  Where can I find it?!?!

A few months ago, we went to see Janeane Garofalo at Cobb’s  – it was a similar situation, but even worse.  Garofalo angrily ranted and raved about politics and shared the demons in her mind that were really Too Much Information.  It was a quite unpleasant experience if you ask me.

If anyone can recommend a good Comedy show venue/comedian/comedienne, please let me know!!


Change in the weather… change in peoples’ moods…

I am thinking that winter is imminent and it is affecting peoples’ moods.  Lately, Lucy & I have come across some serious “haters” on the trail during morning walkie.

This morning – no joke – we are plodding along, minding our own business when I see a woman fall flat on her face on the trail.  The way she fell did not concern me, clearly she was not hurt, but I asked if she was ok?

Her response?

“Did you see how my dog tripped me?”

Me: “um no, not really.”

Lady: “he’s so afraid of YOUR dog that he tripped me.”

Me: (suppressing laughter) “um, OKAY, sorry.”

Are you SERIOUS?!?!?!

I am never very good with the spontaneous, witty remark. 

Here is what I SHOULD have said:

#1: “I can recommend a good dog psychologist”

#2: “Really?  your 100 pound dog is afraid of my 20 pound dog?” (rolling eyes)

People crack me up.  Again as I have said over and over, I can only laugh to myself and feel sorry for people like this, as they surely lead unhappy lives.


Kicked off the trail by the police at 4:30am!

So here it is Day 2 of ridiculously early start to the day. 

(See yesterday’s post for further details)

Lucy and I took off yet again at 3:30am – still quite bright, still not quite a full moon, so maybe tonight? – and yet again enjoyed a pleasant walkie….

until about 4:30am.

We were headed home.  I noticed at one of the street intersections that a cop had pulled someone over – at 4:30am… c’mon, dude!  I knew they saw us because we had to cross the intersection to get back on the trail.  Sure enough, as we approached the next intersection, I saw the cop car pull up, and suddenly I was blinded by a strong flashlight pointed right in my face.  Lovely, just what I need at 4:30am, a confrontation with a policeman.

Copman: “you aren’t supposed to be on the trail during hours of darkness.”

Me: “Are you serious? I’m on the trail every morning in darkness and there are many other people with me.”

(meanwhile, Lucy is jumping up on cop man, totally excited that we have met a new “friend”)

Copman: “Thieves use the Iron Horse trail to escape, I’d hate for anything bad to happen to you.”

Me: “Thieves?!?!”  (SO READY to argue, “um this is Alamo, not Hayward”, but quickly remembering that it is 4:30am, it is still dark, I am tired and I need to get home),  “um, okay.  We’ll just walk on Danville Boulevard.”

Copman: “That is much safer.  I feel much better, thank you.”

Me: (muttering to myself) “yeah, until we get run over by a CAR.”

Damn, I’m a wimp.  In my younger years, I sooo would have argued with him.  Either that or laughed in his face. 

Clearly the police-people of Alamo/Danville have NOTHING better to do with their time.  Can you imagine the dinner conversation when this man comes home and his wife asks, “how was your day?”


“Not living up to your potential?” Please read.

I found this article today while browsing Kirtsy.  I felt compelled to share this with you all as it is one of those articles to bookmark and read on days when you feel inadequate, unsuccessful and loser-ish.

I have always believed that it is the kiss of death the second you start comparing yourself to others.  It is so easy to fall into that self-deprecating pattern of inadequacy.  Let’s face it, there are some amazing, tremendous, talented, savvy people in this world.  But, guess what?  YOU are one of them!


what do you do when you don’t know what to do?

This is an invitation for you, my fabulous readers, to comment with your advice.

Tell me what you do when…. any of the following or OTHER psychological or emotional issues arise for you:

  • The world ceases to make sense.
  • The thoughts in your mind swirl and do not form sensical meaning.
  • Getting through the day seems like a daunting, exhausting endeavor.
  • You are unsure of EVERYTHING.
  • Your spirit is wilted.
  • Disappointment is your overriding emotion

PLEASE, comment and tell me WHAT YOU DO…  what is your personal therapy?  what is your coping mechanism? how do you overcome such times?

For me, when things get rough, physical exercise is what keeps me going, providing me with a release and giving me a chance to process whatever is going on. 

Tell me what you do… don’t be shy!


Epic weekend

Of an unusual type.  I had an epically (and I really am not in the mood to hear that epically is not a real word) bad weekend.

Let’s see…  where do I begin?

  • Oh, fighting with my husband, never fun. 
  • More bad news on the fertility front… followed with motherly inquisition on said topic.
  • Lucy ate chicken bones on morning walkie, requiring us to take her to the ER (yep, there is an ER for pets)… icing on the cake: the $429 bill that accompanied that trip.
  • Blew out my back rear tire.  Only positive is that due to above mentioned emergency, I did not drive into the city as originally planned (given the weekend I had, I surely would have blown my tire on the Bay Bridge)
  • Had one of those conversations where the other party is only listening for your period.

Yep, a LOVELY weekend indeed.  And now it’s Monday….



Inspiration always hits me at unpredictable times.

I have been feeling a bit morose lately, like life is happening outside my window and all I can do is sit and watch. I know that this feeling is stemming from new plan to get healthy. A plan that means lots of rest, no alcohol and following a specific diet which is hard to get at restaurants. My lifestyle up until now has pretty much revolved around going to nice restaurants and drinking wine – of course, that was never the main focus. The focus has been getting together with great friends and sharing the experience.

So, as you can imagine that the transition has been a bit rough for me. Don’t get me wrong, I definitely feel “healthier” and I’m happy I’m doing this. Am I putting my life on hold OR is this simply a transition period? OR is this my “new life”?

This morning, on “walkie”, Lucy and I ran into one of her favorite people friends, a woman named Susan. Susan usually walks with two other women and I have always really admired them. I always felt like they are a trio who I’d really enjoy sharing a bottle of wine with (old life, of course!) I am guessing that they are in their late 50s or maybe early 60s and seem to have a really geniune friendship with each other. They walk every single day and they walk long & far… I didn’t know how far until today. Anyhoo, Susan was on her own today and happened to be turning around so we walked together for a good 1/2 mile. Our conversation was very much like conversations I have with my own fabulous girlfriends. We covered topics like how we each ended up living in the SF Bay area, family, life in general. She (of course) asked if I had kids and her response, “it will happen when it is meant to.” Love that!

That 1/2 walk disappeared quickly and I wished I could blow off work and continue walking with her.

At one point I asked her how long she walks and she said, “I walk for 4 1/2 hours” !!?!?! Wow. She’s in fantastic shape, but I would have guessed that she and her friends walk more in the range of 4 1/2 miles. Lucy and I are slackers in comparison!

I am truly inspired… and a bit humbled.

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