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I just learned that a good friend of mine lost her ex-husband over the weekend. Apparently, he went skiing during a work trip to Denver. He went down a slope and didn’t make it down alive. They are doing an autopsy but they speculate he had a heart attack. I heard the news 1/2 hour ago and I am sitting here with the chills and I can’t focus on the work I should be doing.

My friend was in Hawaii at the time she got the news. She and her two daughters (age 17 and 13) had made plans for a fun-filled week away during Spring Break. I’m glad they are all together but what a shocking and tragic turn of events.

I met him last Sunday after she and I had gone hiking. He had suggested a hike the two of us should do in the future. I recall thinking, “what a pleasant, personable guy!”, which surprised me because you never expect to like your friends’ exes. He also seemed like a very healthy person…

My heart goes out to her daughters. I know exactly what’s in store for them…. a future of wishing their dad “could see them now” at every juncture in their lives.

I feel a bit petty and shallow for my previous blog, written about an hour before I got the news. Gotta keep perspective. Life is precious.