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I confess I am a bore!

My husband has slowly but surely turned me into a sports geek. I vowed never to become such a “bore”…. sadly I’ve become my worst enemy.

I never thought I’d choose to stay in and watch a crazy number of basketball games back to back than get together with friends for dinner. Shockingly, that happened to me today.

It started with the Giants in 2002 (come on we all remember the 2002 World Series)… lately, the Giants have just not been doing it for me. Don’t get me started…They are still looking for a third baseman and the season starts next week!?!?!??!

Last year I got into the Warriors (Baron Davis, yeah baby!) and this year I could barely stand to miss a single game.

Noone was more surprised than me when, earlier this week, I found myself printing out NCAA Tourney brackets then researching the teams (and picking the brain of my lifelong sports geek hubby) so I could intelligently fill out my bracket picks. I filled out three different brackets and I can’t say money is my objective cause I’m not betting on any of the games.

I just think I’m becoming a boring sports geek.

Wonder what’s in store next year?