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You can’t play cause you are too good

Pete first shared this story with me.  I had to go online and find the article for myself.

Jericho Scott is a talented 9 year old kid living in New Haven, CT.  He is a gifted Little League baseball pitcher capable of throwing pitches up to 40 mph.  Yet, the Youth Baseball League of which he belongs to wants to disband his team and prevent him from playing. 

Since when does the most talented kid get cut?

It appears that parents protested that the league disallow young Jericho to pitch, citing “security concerns”.  However Jericho has never hit a player or caused any injuries.

To me, this is just another example of overprotective parents coddling their children.  Whatever happened to toughening up your kids to prepare them from the harsh real world? 

Someday, these kids are going to be out on their own having to deal with challenging situations, whether they become Major league Baseball players or simply workers in the workforce having to meet project deadlines.  Mommy & Daddy will not be there to make the situation go away.


There’s Hope!

This was a very heart-warming article I read today in SFGate.

I guess this dispells my theory that all Gen Y’ers are worthless slackers!