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I enjoy my job tremendously.  I have no complaints about the job itself.  BUT…  (of course, there is a BUT)

… BUT my boss is a cheapskate.  Think of the cheapest, tightest person you know and multiply their cheapness factor by 10, that is my boss.  After over a year of working with him, it is getting harder to endure.  Can I continue to smile and nod my head during the cheapskate episodes, which seem to occur much more frequently as time goes on?

Here are the the latest “examples”, for your entertainment – you will laugh:

  1. Apparently my boss could not understand why his wife was upset with him because for one of their anniversaries, he bought her cubic zirconia earrings and stuck them in a Tiffany box (she had asked for diamond of course!)
  2. For their 19th anniversary – which occurred this week – he learned that bronze is the traditional anniversary gift for 19 years, so he bought her a bronze eagle – just what you’ve always wanted right, gals?? 
  3. Here is the capper…  My boss recently hired a “virtual assistant” named Satin from Mumbai, India.  He is thrilled ’cause Satin is just ecstatic to work hard for $9/hour.  During a recent company meeting, I jokingly asked my boss if the our jobs are in danger of becoming outsourced too?  I fully expected him to ease our minds, to assure us that our specific skills were crucial to business, and not to worry.  But NO, his response, “well I cannot guarantee anything in the future.” 

Um… Anyone need a senior level software salesperson?


“Not living up to your potential?” Please read.

I found this article today while browsing Kirtsy.  I felt compelled to share this with you all as it is one of those articles to bookmark and read on days when you feel inadequate, unsuccessful and loser-ish.

I have always believed that it is the kiss of death the second you start comparing yourself to others.  It is so easy to fall into that self-deprecating pattern of inadequacy.  Let’s face it, there are some amazing, tremendous, talented, savvy people in this world.  But, guess what?  YOU are one of them!