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Palinscopy — it’s real.

Feeling a bit sheepish/embarrassed/stressed/confused about your “obsession” with Sarah Palin? 

You are NOT alone.

Read about “Palinoscopy”, the liberal minded “obsession” with Sarah Palin:


I have always liked Matt Damon

This is a great interview.  I could not agree more. 

This is about as close to touching politics I will get on my blog, so please do not look at this as an opportunity to commence a political debate, thank you.


Just an observation…

I am starting to see a trend amongst people I know who happen to be Republican ( I won’t call anyone out ).

It is pretty interesting, like a psychological study of sorts.  I’m noticing that the Republicans I know seem to get extreme satisfaction out of spreading negative, slanderous information (ie: email blasts) about the Democratic party (ie: Barack Obama), whereas the Democrats I know have been pretty quiet. 

Now, we all KNOW that it isn’t that there is no negative information to be spread about the Rebublican party.

Please do not take offense.  This is simply an observation.


Just an observation

I made an interesting revelation this weekend. Most of the people I engage with are Democrats and very few are Republicans.

It hit me this weekend that those who are Republican are quite aggressive when it comes to stating their points. There also seems to be an air of defensiveness, akin to a bulldog protecting his bone from being taken away.

On the flip side, the Democrats I know are pretty unobtrusive, keeping their opinions to themselves, unless asked.

Just an observation… No offense meant to anyone.


Lucy for Mayor

Why can’t Lucy run for mayor? I have never known anyone who has more popularity amongst a wide array of people from all walks of life. She certainly does not discriminate based on race, sex, financial status or any other criteria.

Like most politicians, Lucy is quite happy to accept bribes and gifts from the public.

Lucy is committed to the cause to eliminate squirrels from the town of Alamo. Unfortunately, she has yet to actually catch one (she would have no idea what to do if she actually caught one) but she sure ain’t gonna stop trying.

Lucy is also committed to doing her part to keep the trails clean. With her nose to the ground, she’ll find that last piece of garbage or scrap of food and make sure it is “disposed” of.

Lucy can work a crowd. If presented with a group of people to greet, she is quite adept at ensuring everyone gets a “kiss”.

Lucy for Mayor!