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Life is Precious…

I have always said it is the saddest scenario when a parent outlives their child.

We received sad news this past weekend that Pete’s – cousin’s – husband’s – nephew (follow that?) had suddenly passed away. He was 23 years old.

He had been staying with them. Apparently he went to a music festival over the weekend. The next day after he returned, he felt ill with a fever. He went to sleep and started to feel better, but in the morning felt worse. They took him to the hospital and he died within a few hours.

This is not supposed to happen to healthy 23 year old boys. He somehow contracted Meningitis and, because it was in his blood, it traveled through his body quickly.

Fortunately he had family by his side at the hospital, but it’s another sad story of a life taken much too soon.

Tell your loved ones that you do. Cherish life… yours and everyone else’s… cause you just never know. Life is precious.