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An unlikely hero

I really enjoyed this article in SFGate,

Call me crazy, but this courageous man’s story speaks to my independent nature.  There is a part of me that is attracted to a lifestyle with “no strings attached” – no PG&E bills to contend with, no lawns to mow [not that I mow the lawn myself but you get my point!] – living off the land and using survival instincts.

I am also inspired by a man who has hit the bottom and is making strides to change his situation.  I do admire his craftiness and will to survive.  Plus, I am sure he is saving more money per month than most people in the Bay Area.

A couple of my thoughts:

I wish him luck and hope he can stay safe and healthy.

I also wonder if he might not be able to get a better job?  Telemarketing for a software company should yield more than what he makes now.  Back at Lyris in 2003, I hired an entry level telemarketing person for $30k/year plus benefits (I thought that was a ridiculously low salary at the time).

I wonder if he is going to suddenly get some job opportunities, donations, etc as a result of this article being published?… I hope so!


Death row inmates are allowed to blog?!?!

I just read this and I am thoroughly outraged,

I cannot believe that this guy has been given the privilege of engaging with the public. He has been deemed a treat to society but he’s still allowed to influence others?

I’m (of course) a big fan of blogging. I could see a non-violent prisoner being given the right to blog. Perhaps as a useful tool to promote reform… but NOT for someone who killed their wife and baby.

Tell me what you think…


Anti-Terrorism Exercise in China

These are great photos… it comforts me that they are preparing so diligently for the big event,



This just makes me sick,

He is sick and I am sick just thinking about what he did. Not to mention, what if he only gets 15 years in prison, now?

I am only happy that the jury must feel a sense of relief and affirmation that they made the right decision.



There is a mean man on a bike who yells at Lucy every morning. It makes me furious as you can imagine.

This man does not like the fact that Lucy is off leash, never mind it is 5:30am and there is nobody around.

What a bully! She’s 2o pounds to his 200 pounds (I’m guessing). He rides his bike without a headlight and feels like it is his right to yell at dogs. A dog who does not make the decision as to whether or not it should be off leash.

I would feel better if he yelled at me. You’d think he’d feel like a complete nincompoop for yelling at such a small dog.

Every morning, this man scares me as he comes out of nowhere, barrelling down the trail. With my headphones on, I usually don’t hear him until he is whizzing by screaming at Lucy to get out of the way. NOTE: Lucy is never ever ON the paved trail, instead she’s off trail, sniffing other dog smells, chasing squirrels and exploring.

For the most part, the folks we meet on our trail take one look at Lucy and quite simply, fall in love. There are exceptions.

Bike Bully is the worst…. but there are others who do not embrace the sweetness, cuteness and eager-to-please-ness that is Lucy.

There is the chubby Cub’s fan who yells at ME (thank you) because Lucy “aggravates” her two pit bulls (!!) — personally I think she’s just mad cause she’s struggling so hard to jog. There is the group of little old silver haired ladies who took one look at Lucy and decided they just did not like her.

I used to either yell back or put on my stoniest face and forge on, but I’m getting better. When I see these haters, I’ll now put Lucy on her leash. Unfortunately, the bike bully is probably going to have to continue to yell, as I never have enough advance notice to do anything about it.

All I can say is Karma, people. Watch out.

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